SNAP & Save

We are dedicated to increasing access to healthy, local food for people of all incomes and backgrounds.

Our SNAP & Save program doubles the value of customers’ food stamps (SNAP benefits) at $10 each week. We thank CISA and Healthy Hampshire for spearheading this project and meeting an ambitious fundraising goal to expand food access across the entire Pioneer Valley.

This means that when a customer swipes their EBT card for $10, they receive $20 in market tokens to spend on vegetables, fruit, meat, eggs, cheese, mushrooms, bread, jam, maple syrup, honey, garden plants, and more – all directly from the people who grow and produce these nourishing products.

We should always help the needy people by offering them some healthy foods, fruits and vegetables. We should try to make it as a habit. Now, many organisations are raising funds to offer foods for the poor people. The aim behind this is to create a healthy and hygienic society. The fundraising is a social activity which is done by many NGOs. They collect money from the donors and offer it to the needy people. We can get to know whether fundraising is a scam done by the NGOs by clicking Bitcoin Loophole review. There are many ways to collect fund for the poor people like conducting contests. The contests will be some recipe making by kids. The kids should be enrolled first and the food will be tasted by the judges and the prizes will be distributed. We can get the fruits easily from the market and the market will give us a bonus of some amount. We can get the fresh fruits directly from the hands of the farmers with that bonus amount. This is a great advantage for the people. The fresh fruits are always best for the healthy life.

“The doubling of SNAP benefits is an enormous assist to those of us with tight budgets.”

“I’m able to meet nutritional requirements to maintain a higher quality of health than last year.”

“If it weren’t for this program, I would run out of food long before my benefits recharge. And the food is far healthier than most store-bought groceries.”

“I so much appreciate a farmers market that makes fresh, healthy, organic and local foods available to all people.”

Please tell everyone you know that all the farmers markets in Amherst and Northampton accept food stamps. Tell them that all the markets in Northampton and Amherst will double the value of any customer’s food stamps (at least $10).

Thank You!