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Rainbow Pasta Salad
A great way to add more protein to pasta dishes is to use whole wheat pasta and/or to puree beans into the dish. What Mim loves about this recipe is that it is easy to adapt throughout the season. Grated zucchini, squash, kohlrabi, carrots, beets, tu

Tempeh Salad (alternative to Tuna Salad)
Maddie from Hosta Hill likes to make this as an alternative to tuna salad. Like so many salads it can be adjusted for whatever vegetables and herbs you have on hand. It's great on a sandwich, on a bed of greens or mixed in with a cooked grain such as

Grilled Eggplant with Pomegranate Molasses
Sweet and simple to make, this middle eastern marinade really makes eggplant tasty. You can find pomegranate molasses at international markets and various other stores in Northampton such as Provisions on Crafts Ave. Thanks to our neighbor Deb Christ
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Turkish-ish Green Beans with Ground Lamb
Mim had this at a Turkish restaurant and has worked to recreate it for you. Even though it is a hot meal, and, in that way, not too summery, it is still so tasty and nourishing that she says she doesn’t mind having it on an evening when the hea

Breaded and Baked Green Bean Fries
A new take on a standard item… Mim first had these last summer at a potluck and was blown away! She's since made them with eggplant, zukes and beets – all great successes!Ingredients1 pound of green beans, with both ends broken off2 eggs

Such a delight to have on hand – pesto can be added to just about any meal. Mim loves to mix it with yogurt cheese, to turn it into a salad dressing, and, of course, to eat it spread on some crusty bread with a warm-from-the-garden-sun tomato.

July’s Pizza: Pesto, Tomatoes and Mozzarella
For Mim, this pizza tastes like the epitome of summer – nothing really compares to the layers of tangy tomatoes and pungent basil. For pizza crust recipes (including gluten-free), please go to the Tuesday Market website. Ingredients1 recipe of

Berry Tart
This tart is tasty and straight forward. It is somewhere between a pie and a pizza – you roll out your sweet crust, add a layer of sweetened cheese and then place fruit over it, finishing it up by tucking the crust around the edges. If you&rsqu

Quick Pickles (Quickles!?)
Pickling and canning can be a labor and time intensive activity, but here's one way to quickly make delicious pickles that will keep in the fridge for a couple of weeks and also take very little time to prepare. For quick pickles, you can use any kin

Roasted Beets with Tahini Yogurt Sauce
This tangy dish can be served hot or cold. When Mim makes it, she usually minces up the beet greens and tosses them back onto the hot beets so that they wilt, but you can also leave them out. Serve this over quinoa or on top of a bed of arugula with

Tandoori Zucchini Kabobs
This is an easy-to-prepare and easy-to-switch up kind of meal. Try using this marinade on eggplant, chicken, broccoli or peppers as the season progresses. You can even thin it out with oil and use it as a dressing for potato salad! 3 lbs zucchini an

Chopped Salad
Here's a dish to make on a night that's too hot to turn on your stove. Cool, crunchy, refreshing, goes with anything… chop the veggies into the shape you prefer – cubes, half-moons or rounds.  Ingredients 3 cucumbers, chopped and

Grated Roots Salad with a Curry Dressing
This recipe is easy to switch up as the season progresses. You can add apples and peppers as they come in and whatever herbs you pick up at the market or are growing in your garden or window boxes. Be creative and be sure to let us know what you&rsqu

June’s Pizza: Garlic Scapes, Sangha Farm Trappiste Cheese, Fennel and Bacon
June's pizza includes two vegetables that are special to early summer: garlic scapes (the flower bud of the garlic plant) and fennel, which starts making flowers and seeds and loses its bulb when the heat of summer comes. Seize the moment and make a

Fennel, Chard and Cheese Pie
Mim says, I love to make simple pies such as this one. When I tried the Cricket Creek Fresh Cheese, I immediately imagined using it in a dish like this. While I’m suggesting certain vegetables for this particular recipe, you can really use what

Massaged Kale Salad
The taste of a raw leaf of kale is magically transformed into a tender appealing salad without any cooking. Ben was skeptical for a long time, but even he will gobble this up. There are many variations out there so if you get excited about this recip
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Simple Scallion Pancakes
Simple Scallion Pancakes. These pancakes are tasty and simple to make. Pair them with sautéed turnips, bok choy stir fry or get really creative and add shredded greens to the batter itself! Ingredients 3 Eggs 3 Cups flour (wheat or rice)

Caesar Salad
Caesar SaladA Caesar salad is a great way to bulk up a typical lettuce salad. It is also a great vessel for leftovers – you can add any chopped vegetable or left over meat that you might have and stale bread is perfect for turning into croutons

Herbed Sliders, 2 Variations
Mim says, I was a vegetarian for many (11) years and have returned to meat eating a tad bit shy. Making sliders has been a fun project for me, a way to reconnect with the idea of preparing meat while incorporating herbs and spices I already know and

Simple Bok Choy Stir Fry
Bok choy is another green that's extremely good for you and very tasty. It has the crunch of celery in its stalk, the texture of spinach in its greens, and the taste of a mild cabbage. Start by cleaning it thoroughly. On anything bigger than baby bok

Simple Strawberry Jam
Yeah for strawberries! They are full of Vitamin C and the sunshine from these long days leading up to the summer solstice.
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Honey Miso Nooddle Salad
Unmi Abkin's famous dish fromthe golden days of Cha Cha Cha!

Spinach, Strawberry, and Maple Nut Salad
It's strawberry season! We know you can get strawberries year round at the grocery store but they never taste as good as the ones grown right around here that are selected for flavor and not shipping or shelf life. This refreshing recipe was created

A frittata is similar to an omelet, only heartier. Mim says she often puts leftover vegetables from stir fries and grated salads into a frittata as a way to use them up. For this frittata, I would recommend sauteing the veggies and sausage

Maple Custard
This recipe is about as easy as it can get and is oh-so-good! You can pair it with fresh fruit or cooked fruit or the delicious spreads and jams from Bug Hill Farm and Beaumont's Berries. There are endless possibilities for variations in this recipe*

Tuesday Market is Calling for Artists! +Seed Swap and MOREFebruary 27th, 2017

Spring is Coming!  Tuesday Market will open for the season on April 25, 2017! The farmers' market will run through November 7, 2017.  (Scallions popping up at Red Fire F

Final Tuesday Market of the Year! November 8--1:30-6:30November 7th, 2016

Hello Tuesday Market Friends- Here we are, the last Tuesday Market of the year! And we'll be going out with a bang! Our 29th market will be just as vibrant, colorful and abundant as ever. Even the wea

Tuesday Market 11/1 1:30-6:30 *Recipe Ideas Inside*October 31st, 2016

Hi Tuesday Market Friends- We have 2 remaining Tuesday Markets of 2016! Before we close for the year on November 8, you have two chances to stock up on produce, maple, honey, meat, cheeses, bread, cid



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