Salad Turnips Sauteed in Butter

Salad turnips are not your average turnip. Sweet and crunchy, they are absolutely delicious to eat raw, roasted or cooked. Our kids just munch them like apples. We love to dip them in hummus or pesto and to slice them into salads. The greens are delicious, too! You can chop up the greens to eat raw, or you can lightly sauté them with onions and garlic. Salad turnips are a true spring treat, although some Tuesday Market farmers bring them to market in the summer & fall as well.

Fruits and vegetables salads are the best way to get all the nutrients needed to our body. The salad making is so easy and it does not require much effort and time to make. So, even the working women can do it so quickly before leaving to office. It is a great breakfast or snack to the working women who run a fast life. They not even have time to eat. So, they are in a urge to skip breakfast in the mornings. But skipping breakfast is not good for health. They can make some fruits or vegetables salad, have it and just move on to the work. Fruits contains all the vitamins and the minerals. So, there will be no need to take any multi vitamin tablets. Salad is just combining many fruits and vegetables together. It provides all the essential energy needed to us for a day. Even the small children will make salads at home easily. There are some special courses available for the children to teach them to make salads and how to cook without fire. This is one of the best recipe to have both for the children and for the adults.

We can also add some green vegetables to the salads. Because green vegetables are always nutritious. There are some online softwares to learn more about the benefits of vegetables and fruits. We can download those softwares and use it for our reference. But, before downloading, we have to check Bitcoin Code – is it legit or a scam software.

Salad Turnips Sautéed in Butter

2 Bunches Salad Turnips

2 Cloves Garlic

1 or 2 Tbsp  Butter or Oil

Salt & Pepper


1. Slice the salad turnips into thin half-moons, and mince or crush the garlic.

2. Melt the butter (or heat the oil) in a medium sized frying pan.

3. Sauté the salad turnips & garlic until they are a light golden color (cover the pan if you like).


• Add a splash of lemon juice or balsamic vinegar

• Add the turnip greens, or some other chopped greens such as spinach or chard

• Add minced scallions, and fresh or dried herbs