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Market is the place where we can get the things what we need for making foods and all. It is a regular practice for the people to get the vegetables and fruits from the market. We can get fresh and green vegetables directly from the hands of the farmers in the market. A market is the retail place for the retailers to sell products to the customers. The customer satisfaction is the first thing needed for the sellers. Once the customer is not satisfied with the products, they will change the shops for purchasing. So, the seller should be concentrate mainly on the customer satisfaction.

Reasons to avoid online shopping:

There are many online shopping websites available and even the software applications have been developed for online shopping. But, online shopping is to be avoided for some reasons.

  1. They will increase the price and offer us a discount. So, we all go for the discount and that is not true. By doing this, the corporates will get more profit. But while purchasing in market, we can compare the prices and buy the products based on it.
  2. In online shopping, we cannot check the quality of the product. Whereas in markets, we can easily check the quality and purchase whatever products we want to purchase.
  3. Though online shopping is very easy, it will not satisfy the customers. Customer satisfaction is the most important criteria. Offline markets will give that satisfaction to the customers.
  4. In online shopping they will charge some shipping amount extra to the price of the product we purchased. But, there is nothing like that in offline shopping. This will make some penny to remain in our wallet.
  5. It will take time to deliver a product in online shopping. Because the item has to be ordered, packaged, shipped and then only will get delivered. But offline shopping does not require any of the above.
  6. In online shopping, many mistakes may happen like products may get changed. But in offline shopping we are the one who are going to select and bring the product with us. So, there won’t occur any problems like this.


Ethereum code is the only online grocery shopping software application which will hell the farmers by charging some shipping fares from the people and once the items get delivered, that amount will be given directly to the farmers. Thus conclude that we should always try to help the farmers who are providing us a healthy food for life.