good food

We are dedicated to increasing access to healthy, local food for people of all incomes and backgrounds.

Our FoodStampsX2 program doubles the value of customers’ food stamps (SNAP benefits) up to $10 each week.

This means that when a customer swipes their EBT card for $10, they receive $20 in market tokens to spend on vegetables, fruit, meat, eggs, cheese, mushrooms, bread, jam, maple syrup, honey, garden plants, and more – all directly from the people who grow and produce these nourishing products.

In 2011, we doubled over $10,000 of SNAP benefits. We averaged 42 EBT transactions per market and occasionally had 60 or 70 transactions per market. In total, we helped many hundreds of inviduals and families put good food on their tables through the entire growing season.

Because there is no DTA office in Hampshire County, we are collaborating with The Food Bank of Western MA to make sure there is always someone at market who can screen potential SNAP recipients and inform future recipients about our doubling program right from the start (what better way to let people know than surrounded by fresh, beautiful food?). Our staff and interns are now trained to offer reliable information and to screen potential candidates for SNAP benefits.

We are also working hard to increase food accessibility not only through FoodStampsX2, but also through In The Kitchen, a collection of offerings and events designed to inspire and assist people in the preparation of whole, seasonal foods. We are handing out simple recipes every week, organizing recipe swaps and an occasional potluck, and personally welcoming new customers to market. Each month we will offer new ideas on how to use the market most economically, whether it’s buying your own vegetable plants early in the season, or using a single chicken and market vegetables to make five delicious, healthy recipes that last a whole week.

We also offer art projects for kids every week, allowing hard-working parents to relax, to shop, and to be inspired!

So that’s FoodStampsX2, and WE NEED YOUR HELP!

First of all, please tell everyone you know that Tuesday Market accepts food stamps. Tell them that Tuesday Market will double the value of any customer’s food stamps (up to $10).

Also – if you can – please donate to FoodStampsX2. The program is funded almost entirely through donations from individuals and institutions in our community. For FoodStampsX2 to be successful in 2012, we need to raise  at least $15,400.  Please donate. One dollar. Twenty dollars. A couple thousand dollars. This program will not run if we don’t receive your assistance. We’re all in this together, and if this program does not succeed – if we are less able to provide nourishing food at our farmers markets for people of any income – we will all be worse off.

If you would like to make a donation, you can write a check made out to Tuesday Market. On the memo line, please write: FoodStampsX2 gift. The checks should be mailed to: Tuesday Market, 1 Ventures Field Rd, Northampton, MA, 01060. Or go ahead and contact us if you have any questions or would like to make a matching donation. If you’d like to help us fundraise, please, just let us know.