good food

Hey Everyone, Tuesday Market has recently teamed up with the wonderful folks at Grow Food Northampton in order to raise $12,000 to continue our FoodStampsX2 program thoughout this season.

Here’s the quick lowdown on FoodStampsX2: Last year Tuesday Market was able to accept food stamps (a.k.a. SNAP benefits) for the first time. We also received a grant which allowed us to double the value of people’s food stamps at the market. This meant that when a person swiped their EBT card for $10, they received $20 to spend on vegetables, fruit, meat, eggs, cheese, mushrooms, bread, jam, maple syrup, honey, garden plants, and more – all directly from the people who grew and produced these nourishing products. The program was so successful that the market ran out of grant funding very quickly. This year, we are taking it upon ourselves to raise the money we need to keep this program running straight through the season. And here, my sweet compatriot of the sidewalk and the soil, is where you come in:

We need your help.

First of all, please tell everyone you know that Tuesday Market accepts food stamps. Tell them that Tuesday Market will double the value of any customer’s food stamps (up to $10). Tell them that if they don’t yet get food stamps and they qualify, they should apply (here’s how).

And finally – if you can – please donate to our FoodStampsX2 program. Please. One dollar. Twenty dollars. A couple thousand dollars. This program will not run if we don’t receive your assistance.

We’re all in this together, and if this program does not succeed – if we are less able to provide nourishing food at our markets for people of any income – we will all be worse off.

Helping others should come from the birth itself, so we should cultivate the helping tendency in our children. We can help the farmers by getting some vegetables and fruits directly from them instead of purchasing online. This will be just a small contribution to them. We can do more help to the needy people by offering them new or old clothes and foods. We can also arrange a shelter for them to stay. There are many donation committees available to help those need people.

If you would like to make a tax deductable donation, just click here to go directly to the Grow Food Northampton website. Or you can write a check made out to Grow Food Northampton. On the memo line, please write: FoodStampsX2 gift. The checks should be mailed to: Grow Food Northampton, PO Box 849, Northampton, MA, 01061. Or go ahead and contact us if you have any questions or would like to make a matching donation.


Here are some other ways you can help —

  1. Offer a matching donation to boost the funds providedby other enthusiastic donors.
  2. Host a party (as one of our loyal customers did) to raise money for the program while eating delicious local food and having a good time.
  3. Volunteer. Please contact us by email if you would like to assist with our FoodStampsX2 fundraising campaign.