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Fruits are the main source of energy to live a healthy life. In the olden days in all houses the people grew trees which will give whatever first they want to have. But, now, all have been changed and it is difficult to see some bunch of trees in a road. All are cutting the trees for constructing buildings. But, it should be completely avoided by us to have a fantastic nature for our children in future. Fruits contain all the nutrients needed for the body like minerals, vitamins, proteins, calcium and all. So, there will be no need for taking any multivitamin tablets.

Among all the fruits, mango is the first fruit which has all the nutrients. Thatswhy it has got the first place in the top three national fruits. We all think mango will develop the neatness in the body. But it is not the true fact. Mango is the healthiest fruit and it can be given even to the small kid. Fruits generally boost the immunity power and it gives the energy to do work. It will keep the body hydrated always. We will get the fruits based on the season. We should grow trees to get the fresh fruits from the garden. This can be achieved in many ways like terrace planting. Terrace planting is an excellent way to grow both vegetables and fruits in a natural manner. We can get More hints about planting trees from the agricultural experts. Agriculture and the farmers are the back bone for us and we eat healthy foods only because of them. There is a course to study about agriculture. So, this will make the youngsters to know about the stages of farming and the farmer’s effort to grow rice and paddy.

Though we get fresh fruits, we are even getting the hybrid fruits. That is, some medicines are injected into the fruit to grow it quickly for selling. Those fruits are not at all good for health. Those will create some serious problems to the children as well as the kids. So, we should avoid eating hybrid fruits.

Thus conclude that we the people should be aware of taking only fresh fruits and avoid hybrid fruits. So that the farmers will get some money when we get the fresh fruits from them. The fruits are really good for the health and it has to be taught to the next generation so that they will try to have fruits instead of having junk foods.