The Pie Contest

Pie Contest
Join Us for an Afternoon of Delicious Fun and Fantastic Music
to Benefit Tuesday Market’s FoodStampsX2 Program
The Pie Contest Schedule 
1:30 -2:30: Pie drop-off (early drop-off can be arranged if necessary)
3:00: Most Beautiful Pie – Judged by Lisa Baskin
Between 3:00 & 5:00: The Nields, playing and presenting their new book: All Together Singing in the Kitchen
From 3:00 until 6:30: Pie served by the slice to everyone & anyone–
$3 suggested donation for FoodStampsX2
3:45: Best Gluten-Free Pie – Judged by Ben James
4:30: Best Pie Made By a Kid – Judged by Katryna & Nerissa Nields
5:00: Best Pie – Judged by Phil Korman, director of CISA
Fruit pies only, please. No custards or savory pies. Include an index card with ALL ingredients clearly listed. The Pie Contest is a bake-sale benefit hosted by the Committee in Support of FoodStampsX2. Please use the utmost care in preparing and storing your pie. All children’s entries must be overseen by an adult.

All together



$50 gift certificate to Apex Orchard

A beautiful pie plate & weights from Different Drummer’s Kitchen

Free Shaved Ice from Town Farm for the Entire 2011 Season

$40 gift certificate to Bistro Les Gras

Quart of Maple Syrup from Justamere Tree Farm

Now, many children are not having interest in cooking. Cooking is the culture of our society and it should Old Friends Farm T-Shirt be learnt by everyone. So, we can conduct some cookery contests for the children and can distribute prizes to the cook who delivers a fantastic and tasty food. The children names should first enrolled in the Ethereum Code website and there is no registration fee for the contestants.

Here are some frequently asked – and frequently updated – questions about the pie contest:

Can I – an ordinary Tuesday Market customer – enter a pie in the contest?

Yes, of course.

Will everyone be allowed to eat lots of pie?

Yes, of course.

Who will benefit from this pie contest?

I’m so glad you asked. This contest is a benefit for FoodStampsX2, so the primary beneficiaries of this contest will be the people whose SNAP benefits (food stamps) are doubled when they shop at Tuesday Market.

Will there be categories in the contest?

Yes, the categories are: Most Beautiful Pie, Best Gluten-Free Pie, Best Kid’s Pie (meaning best pie made by a kid), And Most Outstanding Pie.

What counts as a kid?

Anyone 13 years old or younger.

Don’t the Nields have a new book coming out?

Why, yes! The pie contest is also a release-party for their book, All Together Singing in the Kitchen

Are there limitations to what kinds of pies I can make?

Yes. No custards or quiches or savory pies allowed. Just fruit pies. And the fruit should – please – be local, because how else could you make the best pie ever if it’s not with local fruit?

How many pies can I bring?

As many as your generous heart desires, but you should only enter one pie in the contest.

Should the pie have my name on it?

The pie should come with an index card that includes your name and a list of all ingredients.

Will I win? (This is, in fact, the most frequently asked question about the pie contest, straight from the mouth of my son Silas.


What if I want to donate to FoodStampsX2 right now?

It’s easy. Just click here.

Who is going to be the judge of the contest?

Phil Korman – the head of CISA – will be judging best pie.


Because CISA does such important work that we decided it was time to stuff the director full of pie.

Who is “we”?

The committee.

The committee? Which committee?

The Committee in Support of FoodStampsX2 and the Eating of Pie While Listening to the Nields on September 13.