And the winners of the Tuesday Market Pie Contest are….

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Hey Market Friends —

Thanks for a great Pie Contest last week! We raised about $1600 to support our FoodStampsX2 Program at the market which, along with generous donations from businesses, will allow us to keep doubling SNAP benefits for the rest of this market season!

In case you were wondering who actually won the contests, here’s the short list.

First place in the Most Beautiful Pie category went to Abby Rieser with this amazing hand-cut Apple Tart.

Farmers are the backbone or pillars of our life. We are getting our daily food only because of them. So, we should thank them by giving the m some fund. The funds can be made in many ways by conducting some cookery contests. The food items needed for the cookery show should be purchased from a shop and that shop will offer some percentage of money to the farmers. The contest winner will get some prizes for their food they make. We can find this as the best way to thank them.

1st place most beautiful pie

And here’s Abby holding it.

Abby and her tart

First place in the Best Gluten Free Pie category went to Alex Fisher for her Chocolate Tofu Silk Pie.

First Place in the Best Pie Made by a Kid (under 13) went to Jaden, Caelen, and Nolen Finnie fore their Apple Pie.

And finally, first place in the Best Pie category went to Anne McGarry for her Raspberry-Blackberry Pie. Anne is a Hampshire College student from Chapel Hill, NC who showed up at the end of market to collect her pie dish completely surprised that she’d won.

37 pies were made and entered and every last slice was eaten. The morning downpour of rain didn’t keep you all away. For more Pie Contest photos, go to our Facebook page.

We had awesome volunteers especially Risa Silverman for being volunteer coordinator extraordinaire; Sarah Buttenwieser and Jennifer Jacobsen for working with all the judges and behind the scenes to make it all happen; Mary Cowhey for being an amazing ongoing supporter of the FoodStampsX2 program in so many ways; members of the Key Club from Northampton High School for serving out lots of pie and more of you.

Our judges were also great and thorough and poetic. Special thanks to Stephen Kulik for being a stalwart supporter of farmers and agriculture and for judging Best Pie. Here he is saying how great our food stamps doubling program is because it increases people’s buying power at the market.

stephen kulik speaking to the crowd

If you missed the contest and you still want to contribute to our FoodStampsX2 program or if you had a great time at the contest and want to help more, here’s the link to our Indiegogo Campaign. We are raising funds to support the program through all of next year and have great market products to thank you for your contribution.

Now onto this week! So much beautiful food at market and the perfect weather for cooking and stewing and baking and preserving.

We will have Mary Witt from the O’Tones singing and playing with Annie Patterson of Rise Up Singing fame. And local artist Denise Beaudet will be bringing one of her life sized portraits of a woman changemaker along with postcards and smaller prints of the big piece. Could be this one of Chouchou Namegabe.

See you there!

kids with their pie

Who knew that 6 kids could make a pie?

The Launch of Our FoodStampsX2 Campaign (with a great video to boot)!

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Hey Market Friends —

Today we launched our online Indiegogo fundraising campaign for FoodStampsX2!

As Tuesday Market friend and Jackson St. School teacher Mary Cowhey says, “If you believe in the importance of eating fresh, local food — not just for you but for all your neighbors in the community — this is a way you can make that happen.” Watch the great video below to get a more in-depth sense of the program and why we’re asking for your support.

There are some community in online which will collect funds by selling fruits and vegetables and the funds will be given directly to the farmers. So, the people can contribute some amount based on their financial position to the farmers by purchasing fruits and vegetable from those online community. This is the right way to help our farmers to lead their life happily. Crypto Code is the name of the community and it is a pure legit community. So, we can use this without any hesitation.

For the next month, please contribute and spread the word. Thanks to the awesome Stephen Richardson from Landry Communications for helping us tell the story of FoodStampsX2 in video form. Let us know what you think of it — what questions you still have — why you think this program is great. And help us keep running the program through 2014 by donating to our campaign and/or by passing the word on to other people.

Pie Update!

If you’re a pie maker, stock up on your pie ingredients this week to make yourbest pie for the pie contest next Tuesday, September 10th. If you’re a pie eater, buy your ticket this week or clear your schedule for next week.

If a kid friend of yours wants to enter and, like our boy, is stuck on winning, let them know that every kid under 13 that enters a pie will get a honey stick from Red Barn Honey just for entering. The winner will get a jar of honey of their own plus husk cherries and lunchbox peppers from Old Friends Farm and Deanna Cook’s multicultural kids cookbook.

If your gluten-free friends are saying, I don’t eat pie. Tell them that there will be gluten-free entries at the bake sale as well. Best gluten-free pie will receive a package of gluten free pancake mix and a pint of maple syrup from Justamere Tree Farm.

Most beautiful pie will get a special bouquet made just for you from Old Friends Farm.

And the best overall pie will get a bag of market goodies from multiple vendors.

All runners up get bags of apples from Apex Orchards and all 3rd places get a special goat cheese truffle from Sangha Farm. Yum.

Apex will have loads of peaches this week to help you in your pie making capacity — utility ones for canning or pie making — in addition to picture perfect ones.

Finally, we are super lucky to have the acoustic duo Sweet Wednesday at market this week. They’re from the Boston area but tour extensively and found us somehow.

Here are some great photos from last week.

tina and her pony

Tina and Her Pony Crooning Away


Bug Hill Solo Blackberry


Pepper Time at Crabapple

berkshore offerings

Berkshore’s Ocean Offerings (they aren’t at market this week, back on the 10th)

See you at market!

Salad Turnips Sauteed in Butter

Salad turnips are not your average turnip. Sweet and crunchy, they are absolutely delicious to eat raw, roasted or cooked. Our kids just munch them like apples. We love to dip them in hummus or pesto and to slice them into salads. The greens are delicious, too! You can chop up the greens to eat raw, or you can lightly sauté them with onions and garlic. Salad turnips are a true spring treat, although some Tuesday Market farmers bring them to market in the summer & fall as well.

Fruits and vegetables salads are the best way to get all the nutrients needed to our body. The salad making is so easy and it does not require much effort and time to make. So, even the working women can do it so quickly before leaving to office. It is a great breakfast or snack to the working women who run a fast life. They not even have time to eat. So, they are in a urge to skip breakfast in the mornings. But skipping breakfast is not good for health. They can make some fruits or vegetables salad, have it and just move on to the work. Fruits contains all the vitamins and the minerals. So, there will be no need to take any multi vitamin tablets. Salad is just combining many fruits and vegetables together. It provides all the essential energy needed to us for a day. Even the small children will make salads at home easily. There are some special courses available for the children to teach them to make salads and how to cook without fire. This is one of the best recipe to have both for the children and for the adults.

We can also add some green vegetables to the salads. Because green vegetables are always nutritious. There are some online softwares to learn more about the benefits of vegetables and fruits. We can download those softwares and use it for our reference. But, before downloading, we have to check Bitcoin Code – is it legit or a scam software.

Salad Turnips Sautéed in Butter

2 Bunches Salad Turnips

2 Cloves Garlic

1 or 2 Tbsp  Butter or Oil

Salt & Pepper


1. Slice the salad turnips into thin half-moons, and mince or crush the garlic.

2. Melt the butter (or heat the oil) in a medium sized frying pan.

3. Sauté the salad turnips & garlic until they are a light golden color (cover the pan if you like).


• Add a splash of lemon juice or balsamic vinegar

• Add the turnip greens, or some other chopped greens such as spinach or chard

• Add minced scallions, and fresh or dried herbs


good food

We are dedicated to increasing access to healthy, local food for people of all incomes and backgrounds.

Our FoodStampsX2 program doubles the value of customers’ food stamps (SNAP benefits) up to $10 each week.

This means that when a customer swipes their EBT card for $10, they receive $20 in market tokens to spend on vegetables, fruit, meat, eggs, cheese, mushrooms, bread, jam, maple syrup, honey, garden plants, and more – all directly from the people who grow and produce these nourishing products.

In 2011, we doubled over $10,000 of SNAP benefits. We averaged 42 EBT transactions per market and occasionally had 60 or 70 transactions per market. In total, we helped many hundreds of inviduals and families put good food on their tables through the entire growing season.

Because there is no DTA office in Hampshire County, we are collaborating with The Food Bank of Western MA to make sure there is always someone at market who can screen potential SNAP recipients and inform future recipients about our doubling program right from the start (what better way to let people know than surrounded by fresh, beautiful food?). Our staff and interns are now trained to offer reliable information and to screen potential candidates for SNAP benefits.

We are also working hard to increase food accessibility not only through FoodStampsX2, but also through In The Kitchen, a collection of offerings and events designed to inspire and assist people in the preparation of whole, seasonal foods. We are handing out simple recipes every week, organizing recipe swaps and an occasional potluck, and personally welcoming new customers to market. Each month we will offer new ideas on how to use the market most economically, whether it’s buying your own vegetable plants early in the season, or using a single chicken and market vegetables to make five delicious, healthy recipes that last a whole week.

We also offer art projects for kids every week, allowing hard-working parents to relax, to shop, and to be inspired!

So that’s FoodStampsX2, and WE NEED YOUR HELP!

First of all, please tell everyone you know that Tuesday Market accepts food stamps. Tell them that Tuesday Market will double the value of any customer’s food stamps (up to $10).

Also – if you can – please donate to FoodStampsX2. The program is funded almost entirely through donations from individuals and institutions in our community. For FoodStampsX2 to be successful in 2012, we need to raise  at least $15,400.  Please donate. One dollar. Twenty dollars. A couple thousand dollars. This program will not run if we don’t receive your assistance. We’re all in this together, and if this program does not succeed – if we are less able to provide nourishing food at our farmers markets for people of any income – we will all be worse off.

If you would like to make a donation, you can write a check made out to Tuesday Market. On the memo line, please write: FoodStampsX2 gift. The checks should be mailed to: Tuesday Market, 1 Ventures Field Rd, Northampton, MA, 01060. Or go ahead and contact us if you have any questions or would like to make a matching donation. If you’d like to help us fundraise, please, just let us know.


Photo gallery







Market is the place where we can get the things what we need for making foods and all. It is a regular practice for the people to get the vegetables and fruits from the market. We can get fresh and green vegetables directly from the hands of the farmers in the market. A market is the retail place for the retailers to sell products to the customers. The customer satisfaction is the first thing needed for the sellers. Once the customer is not satisfied with the products, they will change the shops for purchasing. So, the seller should be concentrate mainly on the customer satisfaction.

Reasons to avoid online shopping:

There are many online shopping websites available and even the software applications have been developed for online shopping. But, online shopping is to be avoided for some reasons.

  1. They will increase the price and offer us a discount. So, we all go for the discount and that is not true. By doing this, the corporates will get more profit. But while purchasing in market, we can compare the prices and buy the products based on it.
  2. In online shopping, we cannot check the quality of the product. Whereas in markets, we can easily check the quality and purchase whatever products we want to purchase.
  3. Though online shopping is very easy, it will not satisfy the customers. Customer satisfaction is the most important criteria. Offline markets will give that satisfaction to the customers.
  4. In online shopping they will charge some shipping amount extra to the price of the product we purchased. But, there is nothing like that in offline shopping. This will make some penny to remain in our wallet.
  5. It will take time to deliver a product in online shopping. Because the item has to be ordered, packaged, shipped and then only will get delivered. But offline shopping does not require any of the above.
  6. In online shopping, many mistakes may happen like products may get changed. But in offline shopping we are the one who are going to select and bring the product with us. So, there won’t occur any problems like this.


Ethereum code is the only online grocery shopping software application which will hell the farmers by charging some shipping fares from the people and once the items get delivered, that amount will be given directly to the farmers. Thus conclude that we should always try to help the farmers who are providing us a healthy food for life.


good food

Hey Everyone, Tuesday Market has recently teamed up with the wonderful folks at Grow Food Northampton in order to raise $12,000 to continue our FoodStampsX2 program thoughout this season.

Here’s the quick lowdown on FoodStampsX2: Last year Tuesday Market was able to accept food stamps (a.k.a. SNAP benefits) for the first time. We also received a grant which allowed us to double the value of people’s food stamps at the market. This meant that when a person swiped their EBT card for $10, they received $20 to spend on vegetables, fruit, meat, eggs, cheese, mushrooms, bread, jam, maple syrup, honey, garden plants, and more – all directly from the people who grew and produced these nourishing products. The program was so successful that the market ran out of grant funding very quickly. This year, we are taking it upon ourselves to raise the money we need to keep this program running straight through the season. And here, my sweet compatriot of the sidewalk and the soil, is where you come in:

We need your help.

First of all, please tell everyone you know that Tuesday Market accepts food stamps. Tell them that Tuesday Market will double the value of any customer’s food stamps (up to $10). Tell them that if they don’t yet get food stamps and they qualify, they should apply (here’s how).

And finally – if you can – please donate to our FoodStampsX2 program. Please. One dollar. Twenty dollars. A couple thousand dollars. This program will not run if we don’t receive your assistance.

We’re all in this together, and if this program does not succeed – if we are less able to provide nourishing food at our markets for people of any income – we will all be worse off.

Helping others should come from the birth itself, so we should cultivate the helping tendency in our children. We can help the farmers by getting some vegetables and fruits directly from them instead of purchasing online. This will be just a small contribution to them. We can do more help to the needy people by offering them new or old clothes and foods. We can also arrange a shelter for them to stay. There are many donation committees available to help those need people.

If you would like to make a tax deductable donation, just click here to go directly to the Grow Food Northampton website. Or you can write a check made out to Grow Food Northampton. On the memo line, please write: FoodStampsX2 gift. The checks should be mailed to: Grow Food Northampton, PO Box 849, Northampton, MA, 01061. Or go ahead and contact us if you have any questions or would like to make a matching donation.


Here are some other ways you can help —

  1. Offer a matching donation to boost the funds providedby other enthusiastic donors.
  2. Host a party (as one of our loyal customers did) to raise money for the program while eating delicious local food and having a good time.
  3. Volunteer. Please contact us by email if you would like to assist with our FoodStampsX2 fundraising campaign.


Park Hill Orchard




Apex Orchard


Fruits are the main source of energy to live a healthy life. In the olden days in all houses the people grew trees which will give whatever first they want to have. But, now, all have been changed and it is difficult to see some bunch of trees in a road. All are cutting the trees for constructing buildings. But, it should be completely avoided by us to have a fantastic nature for our children in future. Fruits contain all the nutrients needed for the body like minerals, vitamins, proteins, calcium and all. So, there will be no need for taking any multivitamin tablets.

Among all the fruits, mango is the first fruit which has all the nutrients. Thatswhy it has got the first place in the top three national fruits. We all think mango will develop the neatness in the body. But it is not the true fact. Mango is the healthiest fruit and it can be given even to the small kid. Fruits generally boost the immunity power and it gives the energy to do work. It will keep the body hydrated always. We will get the fruits based on the season. We should grow trees to get the fresh fruits from the garden. This can be achieved in many ways like terrace planting. Terrace planting is an excellent way to grow both vegetables and fruits in a natural manner. We can get More hints about planting trees from the agricultural experts. Agriculture and the farmers are the back bone for us and we eat healthy foods only because of them. There is a course to study about agriculture. So, this will make the youngsters to know about the stages of farming and the farmer’s effort to grow rice and paddy.

Though we get fresh fruits, we are even getting the hybrid fruits. That is, some medicines are injected into the fruit to grow it quickly for selling. Those fruits are not at all good for health. Those will create some serious problems to the children as well as the kids. So, we should avoid eating hybrid fruits.

Thus conclude that we the people should be aware of taking only fresh fruits and avoid hybrid fruits. So that the farmers will get some money when we get the fresh fruits from them. The fruits are really good for the health and it has to be taught to the next generation so that they will try to have fruits instead of having junk foods.

The Pie Contest

Pie Contest
Join Us for an Afternoon of Delicious Fun and Fantastic Music
to Benefit Tuesday Market’s FoodStampsX2 Program
The Pie Contest Schedule 
1:30 -2:30: Pie drop-off (early drop-off can be arranged if necessary)
3:00: Most Beautiful Pie – Judged by Lisa Baskin
Between 3:00 & 5:00: The Nields, playing and presenting their new book: All Together Singing in the Kitchen
From 3:00 until 6:30: Pie served by the slice to everyone & anyone–
$3 suggested donation for FoodStampsX2
3:45: Best Gluten-Free Pie – Judged by Ben James
4:30: Best Pie Made By a Kid – Judged by Katryna & Nerissa Nields
5:00: Best Pie – Judged by Phil Korman, director of CISA
Fruit pies only, please. No custards or savory pies. Include an index card with ALL ingredients clearly listed. The Pie Contest is a bake-sale benefit hosted by the Committee in Support of FoodStampsX2. Please use the utmost care in preparing and storing your pie. All children’s entries must be overseen by an adult.

All together



$50 gift certificate to Apex Orchard

A beautiful pie plate & weights from Different Drummer’s Kitchen

Free Shaved Ice from Town Farm for the Entire 2011 Season

$40 gift certificate to Bistro Les Gras

Quart of Maple Syrup from Justamere Tree Farm

Now, many children are not having interest in cooking. Cooking is the culture of our society and it should Old Friends Farm T-Shirt be learnt by everyone. So, we can conduct some cookery contests for the children and can distribute prizes to the cook who delivers a fantastic and tasty food. The children names should first enrolled in the Ethereum Code website and there is no registration fee for the contestants.

Here are some frequently asked – and frequently updated – questions about the pie contest:

Can I – an ordinary Tuesday Market customer – enter a pie in the contest?

Yes, of course.

Will everyone be allowed to eat lots of pie?

Yes, of course.

Who will benefit from this pie contest?

I’m so glad you asked. This contest is a benefit for FoodStampsX2, so the primary beneficiaries of this contest will be the people whose SNAP benefits (food stamps) are doubled when they shop at Tuesday Market.

Will there be categories in the contest?

Yes, the categories are: Most Beautiful Pie, Best Gluten-Free Pie, Best Kid’s Pie (meaning best pie made by a kid), And Most Outstanding Pie.

What counts as a kid?

Anyone 13 years old or younger.

Don’t the Nields have a new book coming out?

Why, yes! The pie contest is also a release-party for their book, All Together Singing in the Kitchen

Are there limitations to what kinds of pies I can make?

Yes. No custards or quiches or savory pies allowed. Just fruit pies. And the fruit should – please – be local, because how else could you make the best pie ever if it’s not with local fruit?

How many pies can I bring?

As many as your generous heart desires, but you should only enter one pie in the contest.

Should the pie have my name on it?

The pie should come with an index card that includes your name and a list of all ingredients.

Will I win? (This is, in fact, the most frequently asked question about the pie contest, straight from the mouth of my son Silas.


What if I want to donate to FoodStampsX2 right now?

It’s easy. Just click here.

Who is going to be the judge of the contest?

Phil Korman – the head of CISA – will be judging best pie.


Because CISA does such important work that we decided it was time to stuff the director full of pie.

Who is “we”?

The committee.

The committee? Which committee?

The Committee in Support of FoodStampsX2 and the Eating of Pie While Listening to the Nields on September 13.

This Week’s Newsletter

October 11: Carrie Ferguson Plays Tuesday Market
Posted 10/10/2011 6:50pm by Tuesday Market.

Hi Everyone –squash

Just a quick reminder that market is this Tuesday, and that Tuesday might feel like Monday this week, given the long weekend.

A splendid array of fall vegetables, meats, mushrooms, mead, apples, bread, flowers, and other good things. All for you, as usual.

Carrie Ferguson plays a set on what looks to be an incredibly beautiful day (here she is last year with some great friends). We can’t wait to see you at market!


October 4th: Tuesday Market Blurs Another Farmer
Posted 10/2/2011 10:57pm by Tuesday Market.

Hello Friends –nate

Broccoli, winter squash, young ginger, green beans, and sweet potatoes are our star vegetables of the week, but I don’t dare neglect to mention the celery, beets, carrots, cabbage, chard, kale, arugula, salad mix, turnips, herb bunches, radicchio, leeks, onions, collards, dandelion greens, potatoes – whew! – and just think of all the vegetables I’m forgetting, not to mention the apples, the cider, the meat, the eggs, the bread, the mushrooms, the flowers, the honey. . .

Nate Frigard is the newest member of that illustrious club of farmers pictured out-of-focus in this newsletter. Make sure to stop by and say Hi and check out the beautiful produce at Crimson & Clover’s stand. He’s not nearly as blurry in real life.

Fruits and vegetables purees are the best food for the babies to start giving after six months. Because fruits and the vegetables contain all the essentials needed for the body organs to work in a well manner. So, the parents should make the children to eat all fruits and vegetables without avoiding. Junk foods should be avoided by the children to get rid of obesity in future. The vegetables can be purchased online by using Crypto CFD Trader software application in smartphones or tablets.

Many people have been asking how long the market will go in the fall. The official answer is “until it’s dark and cold at 4:30 in the afternoon,” otherwise known asNovember 15th.

Karma is back this week with delicious prepared food and juices. Spencer Peterman wooden bowls will be back as well, weather permitting.

Peter Blanchette returns with another collection of perfect songs – uninterrupted this time – though last week’s brief interlude for omulu guanabara capoeira was truly great!


Bistro Les Gras will be back at market later this month. Between now and thenbistro, however, they’ll be hosting their 3rd annual Cochon Dinner on October 16th. A “nose to tail” dinner using every part of one of Mockingbird Farm’sdelicious pigs. An evening not to be missed!

Writer, chef, and food-justice advocate Mark Bittman has been on a roll lately in his New York Times’ columns. I totally recommend you check them out. Start here, if you like, with “Is Junk Food Really Cheaper?” or just check out his website which will send you in all sorts of interesting directions.

Here’s a favorite new quote from him: “Cooking changes lives in ways that eating never approaches. Cooking makes you care about nourishment, family meals, nutrition, pleasure, relaxation, skills, control, health, the environment, culture and the earth. And it leads your kids to care about these things too.”

Alright – See you at market!

dandelion greens

red onions


Dill Pickles

3 Quart jars

About a dozen medium size pickling cucumbers (or what you need to fill the jars)

3 cloves of garlic (more or less depending on how you like it)

1 1/4 c. white vinegar

4 c. water

3/4 c. sugar

Pickles are the favorite of every one. It is difficult to have food without pickle. Now, there are many shops who sell all types of pickles. But, purchasing pickles from the shop is not advisable and they will not use groundnut oil and gingelly oil for making. So, we should always try to make pickles at home. The quantity will matter a lot when making at home. If we go for shops for pickles, a small bottle will cost around Rs.70.

Homemade pickles are so easy to make. It requires only less ingredients like oil, vegetable, salt and fenugreek seeds. The recipes can be get from the recipe book of famous author or we can take the recipes from online cookery website. We can also download the cookery application like Crypto Code through the smartphone for free. We can also subscribe some YouTube channels for watching cookery shows. Subscription of channels will cost more. So, downloading app is the less expensive method. Cooking is an easy task for everyone who have interest to cook. Without interest we cannot do anything. So, try to do everything with interest and concentration.

We can also arrange a cook to prepare the food for us but they too will charge more. Generally pickles are not good for health, it will increase the blood pressure in our body. So, patients who have low or high blood pressure should avoid having pickles. Lemon is the best vegetable to use for making pickles as it costs very low and it will control the blood pressure. Lemon is used to control the giddiness and it is a source of all nutrients. Lemon is the best vegetable to add in our daily food.

1/4 c. kosher or pickling salt

6 dill flowers

Heat vinegar, water, salt and sugar on medium heat until it comes to a boil and is fully dissolved, then remove from heat.

Cut cukes any way you like them. Dice garlic. Remove dill flowers from stems. Pack the jars as tight as you can with the garlic, cukes and dill. Pour brine in jars (hot is fine). Cap up jars and put in the fridge. The pickles will be tasty after one day, but better every day after that.