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Posted 10/17/2011 9:06pm by Tuesday Market.

tuesday market

Hi Everyone –

We may be lucky enough to stay dry on Tuesday, but still a certain haiku keeps coming to mind.

autumn rain
even the birds
and clouds look old

As the days get shorter & colder, there is nothing as satisfying as a braise, or slow-cooked stew, or tagine made from pastured beef or pork or lamb. For us farmers – and for everyone – this is the kind of food that builds back our deep strength after the work of a long, depleting summer. In my kitchen, the slow cooker
markand the dutch oven have suddenly reappeared after a break of several months. Also my copy of Molly Stevens' All About Braising, which explains the process of cooking tougher cuts of meat so lucidly it's a delight to read (it also includes vegetarian braises, and you can get it locally even though my link is to Amazon). Tevis from Crabapple Farm has many of the cuts of beef you'll need for a slow braise. Pete from Mockingbird Farm has pork and poultry. And Mark and Kristin at Leyden Glen Farm have the tastiest lamb available anywhere in the valley. All these farmers raise their animals in the open air on lush pasture. They spend real time with the animals, know many of them individually, and – with a great deal of humor, respect, and sense of responsibility – have conducted them all the way from birth to market. In so many ways these farms are antidotes to the ills and injustices of factory meat production. We're lucky to have them at our market.

Kristin has a great blog, with several really inspiring recipes for lamb. Here's a link to
Moroccan Lamb Tagine from Leyden Glen Farm with Old Friends Farm Fresh Ginger, Prunes, Apricots, Apples, and Carrots, but make sure to check the sidebar for other good ideas as well. There are copies of the recipes at the Leyden Glen stand as well.
Bistro Les Gras returns this week with a fall vegetable-wheatberry soup and – yes – braised pork over beans and greens.  

Local authors Ann Woodhull and Shelley Rotner will be at market this week with their new children's book The Buzz on Bees, which explores the importance of bees as pollinators and is full of beautiful photographs.

The phenomenal Peter Blanchette returns this week with his archguitar. Yay Peter (and Maddy, too)!Peter & Maddy

Last week Julia Handschuh took a truck-load of fresh food from Western Mass down to Occupy Wall Street (Tuesday Market was the drop-off site). Here's her post about the food & the movement and its connections to things like the Kitchen Collaborative going on up here.

All those good fall things (like carrots! like apples! like pumpkins!) from from all those good fall people – this week at market. We'll see you there!


Tuesday Market is located next to the parking garage in downtown Northampton.

We are open from 1:30 to 6:30 every Tuesday.

Here is our website. Here is our facebook page.

Posted 10/10/2011 6:50pm by Tuesday Market.

Hi Everyone –squash

Just a quick reminder that market is this Tuesday, and that Tuesday might feel like Monday this week, given the long weekend.

A splendid array of fall vegetables, meats, mushrooms, mead, apples, bread, flowers, and other good things. All for you, as usual.

Carrie Ferguson plays a set on what looks to be an incredibly beautiful day (here she is last year with some great friends).
We can't wait to see you at market!


Posted 10/2/2011 10:57pm by Tuesday Market.

Hello Friends –nate

Broccoli, winter squash, young ginger, green beans, and sweet potatoes are our
star vegetables of the week, but I don't dare neglect to mention the celery, beets, carrots, cabbage, chard, kale, arugula, salad mix, turnips, herb bunches, radicchio, leeks, onions, collards, dandelion greens, potatoes – whew! – and just think of all the vegetables I'm forgetting, not to mention the apples, the cider, the meat, the eggs, the bread, the mushrooms, the flowers, the honey. . .

Nate Frigard is the newest member of that illustrious club of farmers pictured out-of-focus in this newsletter. Make sure to stop by and say Hi and check out the beautiful produce at Crimson & Clover's stand. He's not nearly as blurry in real life.

Many people have been asking how long the market will go in the fall. The official answer is "until it's dark and cold at 4:30 in the afternoon," otherwise known as November 15th

Karma is back this week with delicious prepared food and juices. Spencer Peterman wooden bowls will be back as well, weather permitting.

Peter Blanchette returns with another collection of perfect s
ongs – uninterrupted this time – though last week's brief interlude for omulu guanabara capoeira was truly great!


Bistro Les Gras will be back at market later this month. Between now and thenbistro, however, they'll be hosting their 3rd annual Cochon Dinner on October 16th. A "nose to tail" dinner using every part of one of Mockingbird Farm's delicious pigs. An evening not to be missed!

Writer, chef, and food-justice advocate Mark Bittman has been on a roll lately in his New York Times' columns. I totally recommend you check them out. Start here, if you like, with "Is Junk Food Really Cheaper?" or just check out his website which will send you in all sorts of interesting directions.

Here's a favorite new quote from him: "Cooking changes lives in ways that eating never approaches. Cooking makes you care about nourishment, family meals, nutrition, pleasure, relaxation, skills, control, health, the environment, culture and the earth. And it leads your kids to care about these things too."

Alright – See you at market!


dandelion greens

red onions


Posted 9/26/2011 8:34pm by Tuesday Market.

Hi Everyone,

I've said before that you really have to be a bit of a nutjob to go into this line of work (farming, that is). A few of my favorite nutjobs are Missy, Phillip, and Casey from Old Friends Farm, who decided a few years back that they would like to grow Hawaiian ginger in New England. Not only did they succeed, but they succeeded spectacularly well (no surprise there – most of what they do is spectacular). You can find Old Friends Farm's tender, succulent, young ginger root every week at Tuesday Market for the rest of the season. And if you want to know more about how to prepare and store the ginger, you can check here.


Another fall crop not to miss is sweet potatoes. At Town Farm the harvest began a couple weeks ago and will continue for another couple weeks. After harvest, the sweet potatoes are placed in a warm, moist environment (the greenhouse is perfect) where starches slowly turn to sugars and the skin Sweet potato harvesttoughens up in order to allow the potatoes to be stored through the winter. My friend Yanna, who lives in North Carolina and this year is currently growing – in her home garden – more than 100 varieties of sweet potatoes (!) (did I mention something about nutjobs?) says that one of the reasons people often feel the need to cook sweet potatoes with brown sugar and marshmallows is because they haven't been cured properly. Our experience is that if they're cured right, the sweet potatoes will just keep getting sweeter as the winter progresses. Two varieties – Beauregard & Vardaman – make their debut this Tuesday.

Here's another debut: Let's welcome Crimson & Clover Farm to Tuesday Market! I'm sure many of you have already been to the farm to help out on one of their work days or to be part of a full-moon potluck. Crimson & Clover is already a Northampton institution, and I am so excited that Nate & Jen will be joining us on the plaza with their fantastic produce. 

Peter Blanchette has roamed the earth – or Spain most recently – and returned in time to play a few weeks at market before the cold sets in. Every time I announce he's coming I say how lucky we are. And it's true. The farmers bring the bounty of this New England soil to market in the form of green beans, peppers, ginger, kale. Peter comes to market with several centuries of musical culture in his hands, and for hours we all get to steep ourselves in the songs. Lucky, lucky us.

Bistro Les Gras returns this week with lobster rolls and potato leek soup. Hurrah!

I can only imagine you've heard the singing and strumming and thumping coming out of the Dynamite Space late on Tuesday afternoons. Maybe you've even peeked in to watch the kids and adults clapping, springing, flipping – Capoeira class in action. This Tuesday at 5:00, we welcome Omulu Guanabara Capoeira outside for a brief demonstration on the plaza. (Oh, and hey, sorry to those of you who came out for the circus last week – a bit of a scheduling snafu, I guess).

A quick but improtant reminder: All market tokens (both green & purple) need
Unmi to be used at market before the end of this season, so make sure not to forget about them at the bottom of your purse or pocket or wherever.

And one last special announcement. Coco – the restaurant – opens its doors this weekend. Join Unmi Abkin and Roger Taylor at their new restaurant in Easthampton! Unmi is of course renowned for the two restaurants she opened previously in Northampton (Cha Cha Cha and Unmi), but her latest claim to fame is her monthly stand at Tuesday Market. We had a preview of Coco last week and it was stellar. More info is here.

Thanks everyone. Can't wait to see you at market!

Here's Pete & Casey from Mockingbird Farm.  

Pete & Casey

Posted 9/19/2011 4:22pm by Tuesday Market.

Hi Friends,

Lots of pictures of the pie contest at the end of this email, but really, isn't this the one that says it all?pie plate

Huge thanks to everyone who helped make the pie contest happen, from our volunteers, to our judges, to the pie-bakers, to the prize-providers, and – of course – to The Nields, for making it all sound right. And because I rarely take the opportunity, let me please just say a huge, huge thanks to all of our Tuesday Market farmers & producers, who week-after-week manage to turn soil & seed & (too much) rain into glorious, beautiful, delicious food.

Here's the final line-up:

Best Pie
1st Place: Cherry-Apple Pie made by Stacia W. Potter
2nd Place: Apple Pie made by Eliza Ann

Most Beautiful Pie
1st Place: Painted Apple Pie made by Nancy Steiner
2nd Place: Maple Apple Pie made by Patty Romanoff

Best Pie Made Pie A Kidbest kid's pie

1st Place: Mairead Blatner (age 12)
2nd Place: Saphira Payne (age 12)

Best Gluten-Free Pie
1st Place: Apple Pie with Streusel Topping made by Joanie Daniels
2nd Place: Apple Pie made by Kate Payne

So thanks again to everyone who played a part in the event. Our plan is to make it a yearly thing. I'll keep you posted.

We raised almost $1,000 to support FoodStampsX2, which means – at this point – the market has enough funds to double customers' SNAP benefits (food stamps) for the whole rest of the season, as well as enough to guarantee that we'll start the program again first-thing next spring. So many of our community members are experiencing the economic downturn not as an article in the newspaper but as a disheartening, disabling reality. Here's one last thanks in 2011 to everyone – customers, donors, SNAP recipients, farmers, city officials, community organizers, pie bakers – who've participated in FoodStampsX2 and helped get good food into the kitchens of everyone who wants it.

And yes, there will be Good Food in abundance at this week's market. Apex Orchards has grapes, peaches, nectarines, asian pears, and – many people's all-time favorite – honeycrisp apples.

The tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers are slowing down (get them this week and next week and then make ready to hold your breath until next July), but the fall crops are making a glorious re-entry. Sangha Farm has winter squash. Old Friends Farm Farm has ginger and will soon be bringing potatoes. Collards and other fall greens are in abundance at Enterprise Farm. And even though Town Farm lost a number of their favorite fall crops in the recent floods, the leeks & onions are just glorious, not to mention the sweet potatoes, which will show up at market next week. 

After roughly 43,200 revolutions of the crank on the shaved ice machine –
which if we were talking planetary revolutions would amount to 43,200 years or almost 1,500 human generations, taking us back to near the dawn of human time – Town Farm has decided to retire its snow-cone business until next spring. Apologies in advance to all of you die-hards out there, many of whom can't read, so whatever. From now on the sweet potatoes (and Herrell's, and GoBerry) will have to do.

There is a really fantastic line-up of cookng classes this fall at Different Drummer's Kitchen. The two that look most exciting to me are the Super Supper Pies (yay pie!) and The Art of Braising taught by Bistro Les Gras' Daniel Martinez. A great way to find new inspiration for the wealth of food available at market this season.

OK, too long, too long. Here are some pictures. See you at market!


Posted 9/11/2011 2:54pm by Tuesday Market.

Well there's really not much to say in this newsletter. Slow week at Tuesday Market. Maybe there'll be some okra, or some kohlrabi if we're lucky. Maybe a mutt will wander through market and stop and sniff his own paw. A couple kids might cry and then poke each other in the eye. You know, the usual.

Ha! I'm just kidding! This week is the PIE CONTEST! This week is THE NIELDS. This week is the biggest party we've thrown all season, all of it to benefit our fantastic FoodStampsX2 program. This is the week not to miss at Tuesday Market!

Not only will The Nields be making wonderful, hilarious, energizing music – not only will they be showing off their new book, All Together Singing in the Kitchen – not only will they be emceeing the whole contest – but they will also be the judges of the Best Pie Made By a Kid. And do you know what the winning kid wins?

Here, come closer, I'll whisper it to you. A free shaved ice from Town Farm – every cherry pieweek – for the entire 2011 season. That's almost as good as the prize for Most Beautiful Pie: a new pie plate from Different Drummers Kitchen, which is almost as good as the prize for Best Gluten-Free Pie: a $40 gift certificate to Bistro Les Gras, which is almost as good as the prize for Best Pie: a $50 gift certificate to Apex Orchards.

But really, it's not about the prizes. It's not even about how much fun the whole thing is going to be. It's about one thing and one thing only. Eating pie.

So, hey, bake a pie. Bake two. Bring it down to market and enter it in the contest (or just drop it off for the cause – your choice). And then stick around to eat and eat and eat pie.

All the details about the contest can be found here.

But if you can't make it – or if you have a rare and insidious genetic disorder which causes an aversion to sweetened local fruit sequestered between two layers of buttery, crumbly dough – or if you're just excited to donate RIGHT NOW, it's very easy to donate to FoodStampsX2. Just click here.

Anselblue Design Studio joins us again this week, along with Boneflower Botanikals, as well as one very special guest. Months ago I was talking with Paul Sustick of Paul & Elizabeth's  about the fact that many people – despite their enthusiasm for fresh, local food – end up overwhelmed with the thought of how to prepare it all. Paul wants to help. From 3:00 to 5:00 this week, Paul is going to hang out at market with a knife and cutting board and talk vegetables, talk pie, talk sauces and dressings and whatever you want to talk about food. So stop by Paul's table and have a chat with our vegetable oracle of the season (or get him to slice up your carrots at the very least).

And oh yeah – we have vegetables. Tomatoes, salad greens, peppers, cucumbers, kale, green beans, onions, carrots, beets, radicchio, leeks, collards, brocolli, eggplant, garlic, and so much more.

Not to mention apples, pears, and peaches for canning, for eating, and – you guessed it – for making more pies.

We'll see you there!

Huge thanks to to Tim & Sarah from Apex Orchards for sponsoring this event, to Lisa Baskin and Phil Korman for judging pie, to Sarah Buttenweiser for making it all happen, and to Nerissa & Katryna Nields for being as terrific as you are!

Posted 9/5/2011 7:37pm by Tuesday Market.

Hello Friends,

All the most up-to-date info on next week's Pie Contest is available here.
pie contestWe can't wait! If you haven't been stocking up on delicious fruit all summer (I know some of you have a freezer full already), this week's market is your chance to find apples, peaches, and berries for that perfect pie. And don't forget that honey from Red Barn Honey and maple syrup from Justamere Tree Farm will sweeten up those pies just beautifully.

THIS WEEK we welcome The Farewells for a great set between 3:30 & 5:30.

There will also be wooden bowls from Spencer Peterman, mead and other elixirs from Green River Ambrosia, delicious prepared food from Karma, and all your other usual finds.

Crabapple Farm has RADICCHIO and other varieties of chicory including a very cool green that looks like a giant cigar. If you did not know that radicchio
radicchiowas in the chicory family, you're not alone. It was news to me as well. Rob will be happy to fill you in, including great advice on how to best prepare the different varieties.

Old Friends Farm's ginger is back! I'll say more about Missy, Casey, & Philip's New England-grown ginger in a couple weeks, but for now the most important thing to do is go find some at their stand
(ginger-apple pie, anyone?)

Here's some sad news:  Green Meadows Farm – located in the Northampton Meadows – got almost totally washed out by last week's storm and will be closing up shop early this season. Bill's a neighbor of mine – I've watched him work his ass off all season long – so to see all his planning and money and labor sog down into nothing is a hard sight. I wish him speed with his clean-up, a relaxing winter, and I look forward to seeing him back here next year.

Here's a Times article about the effects of the flooding on the farmers markets in New York.

Soon I'll tell you all about our success this year with the FoodStampsX2 program, including the fact that we've helped to double the value of at least 40 customer's SNAP benefits at every market throughout the whole season! This has made a huge difference to many families struggling with food insecurity in these most challenging economic times. The Pie Contest is our last fundraiser of the season to benefit FoodStampsX2, but you don't have to wait until next week's contest to donate. All you need to do is click here.

We'll see you at market!

These apples from Apex Orchard are just hankering to be in your pie –

Apwx Apples

fuzzy sunflower


Posted 8/29/2011 9:38pm by Tuesday Market.

crabapple peppers

Hello Friends –

I hope you are all safe & sound after the weekend's storm. Also, I hope you are hungry for good food and good friends and good entertainment, because this week's market is going to be spectacular.

First I'll talk about the storm. I am really not sure how our agricultural ancestors survived without modern technology. I mean, it's one thing to experience devastating crop loss, but how did they get by without being able to immediately post pictures of the destruction on Facebook?

Email has been all aflutter with reports of challenges and losses, big and small. Dave from Enterprise Farm says his Northampton field is underwater, but mostly he's fared alright, though he stressed the fact that neighbors of his up & down the river have lost a lot of crops. Kate from Bug Hill Farm says after poking a bunch of holes in the plastic of her greenhouse she was able to relieve the sagging that threatened to make the whole thing collapse. Unfortunately a whole load of compost she'd just received for raised beds was washed away by the rains.

Mostly your Tuesday Market vendors are feeling pretty lucky to have made it through unscathed. At Town Farm, the farmers (including myself) are pleased the greenhouses did not blow away, and very sad to report that about four acres of fall crops are currently several feet deep in the floodwaters of the Connecticut River. The upside is that we never had the opportunity to canoe out to any of our fields before. Here are a few pictures:



flood 2

flood 3

That last picture is of the tallest crop in the highest part of the field – brussels sprouts – poking up above the water. Depressing as the whole thing is, it was really just spectacularly beautiful out there in the Northampton Meadows. We are looking forward to the flood subsiding and leaving very large carp stranded on land, which the bald eagles will descend upon for an afternoon snack. You may not get your brussels sprouts from Town Farm this year, but there are more than a couple creatures out there that are sure to have a feast.

Now – quick – before any more mayhem happens – it's time to start preserving fruits & vegetables for the winter. Apex Orchards has incredible white peaches & nectarines this week, as well as tons of canning peaches sold by the case. Sarah called me this afternoon asking for more space because of all the fruit she plans to bring to market! Don't miss out. There'll be plenty of cases of canning tomatoes at market as well.

Many people have been asking for it, and this week Devon from Beaumont's Berries will have this year's batch of Red Pepper Jelly, along with other late-summer deliciousness.

Bug Hill Farm has ripe, beautiful raspberries from their high tunnel, as well as Kate's newest creation: Raspberry Shrub. Stop by and try a sample, or get yourself a cup of the most refreshing drink in town – a Rhubarb Rush Spritzer.

Bistro Les Gras returns not only with their famous Lobster Rolls and their tomato gazpacho this week, but also with BLTs made from Mockingbird Farm pork!

Old Friends Farm has pullet eggs and husk cherries this week. Casey writes: "We will have a combination of regular eggs and pullet – or 'practice' – eggs, as we are in the process of replacing our flock of layers with the next generation of happy hens.  The husk cherries are the sweetest thing in the tomato family - basically candy - a cross between pineapple, cherry tomatoes and...you decide." Casey also wants everyone to know that they will be moving along some of their mature laying hens if you're looking for any ladies to add to your flock.

Jim & Kathleen Fownes play keyboard & fiddle this week. I will personally ask them to play at least one dirge – not for the flood destruction – but simply for the end of melon season. It will be the last watermelons and almost-the-last cantaloupes this week, and that, more than any old hurricane, marks the end of summer for Tuesday Market.

Since this email has gotten so very long, I will not tantalize you with new details about September 13th's Pie Contest, unless you are already mucho tantalized, in which case, by all means, click here.

See you at market!




old friends

Posted 8/22/2011 8:22pm by Tuesday Market.

Hi Everyone –

Apex Orchar
ds has Red Haven peaches, along with Zestar! and Ginger Goldpeach apples this week. (And yes, says Sarah, there is an "!" at the end of the name Zestar!). Ginger Golds happen to be one of the best pie apples you can find, available just in time for you to start perfecting your recipe for the September 13th Pie Contest. Catch up on all the details about the pie contest here.

Tons of green beans this week. Tons of watermelons and cantaloupes. Tons of brilliant heirloom tomatoes. Extraordinary flowers. Tasty cuts of meat for the grill. And canning tomatoes available by the case, because now is the time.

Good friend Laura Protzel helps out in the kids' art tent this week making luminescent petal paintings. Stop by so your kids – and even you – can make one one of your own.

Hey Holly Zimmerman, you've won this month's raffle! Come by the market tent to retrieve your $5 coupon to every market vendor.

And I'm very excited to announce that musician Heather Maloney will be joining us at market this Tuesday Heather Maloneybefore shows later this week at the Iron Horse and the 2011 Transperformance. Come on down and enjoy the concert. We can't wait to see you at market!

Heather Maloney had one of her first public shows at a small coffee shop in Northampton Massachusetts in September of 2009. She was so nervous and timid that she had to be prodded onto the stage. In July of 2011 she walked out onto the stage at the Calvin Theater in front of 1,500 fans of the Grammy Award winning artist Jonny Lang, and brought them to their feet in applause. Jonny immediately asked her to open three more shows and called her “an extremely talented songwriter and incredibly great singer.Heather has fallen in love with performing, having played over 225 shows in 20 states in 20 months, sharing the stage with such celebrated acts as Jonny Lang, Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriquez, Mike & Ruthy, Vance Gilbert, Dala, David Wax Museum, Devil Makes Three, Caravan of Thieves, Jeffrey Gaines, Jill Sobule, Meg Hutchinson, Cliff Eberhardt and many others.


Tuesday Market is located next to the parking garage in downtown Northampton.

We are open from 1:30 to 6:30. Here is our website, and here is our facebook page.

Posted 8/15/2011 9:24pm by Tuesday Market.

Hi Friends –

You know you've had a good summer when you measure time by what fruit's in season. There's strawberry time & raspberry time. In not too long it will be apple time. Right now it's peach time & melon time – those fruits that with their juice & flavor mark the peak of summer, just before it tips over the brim and pours into autumn.

Apex Orchards grows the some of the most flavorful peaches in the Northeast,
cantaloupeand they're available every week in abundance at Tuesday Market. Town Farm has sweet, delicious watermelons (red & yellow both) as well as two varieties of cantaloupe – Halona and Hannah's Choice – that are so tasty and so perfectly textured there's no point in ever bothering to buy cantaloupe from a supermarket again.

Daniel from Bistro Les Gras has unleashed a monster, a beast, a frenzied mob that pursues him day and night asking whether he'll be serving Lobster Rolls this month at Tuesday Market. The answer – because he's interested in protecting his own well-being and not dissapointing anyone – is, Yes, Lobster Rolls will be served this week, along with Watermelon Gazpacho (made from Town Farm watermelons) and something else I can't remember because all anyone talks about is the Lobster Rolls.

Is the sogginess a good or a bad thing for Paul & the mushrooms at New England Wild Edibles? Go by his table to find out. Ask Rob or Tevis at Crabapple Farm about their heirloom tomato varieties – it's a gorgeous spread they've got this year. Go say hi to Dick from Red Barn Honey, who is back this week with honey from hives located right here in Northampton. And get ready for fresh ginger from Old Friends Farm. It'll be ready in a couple weeks!

Kira Jewett & Friends return for the 4th season(!) of playing old time fiddle tunes at market. This is down-home music as good as it gets. We're so glad to welcome them back!

And finally – finally – the most important piece of information in this email:

The Pie Contest

It happens September 13th, which is also the day that The Nields will once again play Tuesday Market (yay! yay!) and sing at least one song about pie. 

Here are some frequently asked questions about the pie contest:

Can I – an ordinary Tuesday Market customer – enter a pie in the contest?

Yes, of course.
Will everyone be allowed to eat lots of pie?
Yes, of course.
Who will benefit from this pie contest?
I'm so glad you asked. This contest is a benefit for FoodStampsX2, so the primary beneficiaries of this contest will be the people whose SNAP benefits (food stamps) are doubled when they shop at Tuesday Market.
Will there be categories in the contest?
Yes, the categories are: Most Beautiful Pie, Best Gluten-Free Pie, And Most Outstanding Pie Ever.
Are there limitations to what kinds of pies I can make?
Yes. No custards or dairy or savory pies allowed. Just fruit pies.
Who is going to be the judge of the contest?
We're not telling.
Because we're not sure yet.
Who is "we"?
The committee.
The committee? Which committee?
The Committee in Support of FoodStampsX2 and the Eating of Pie While Listening to the Nields on September 13.

OK. More info to come. You all are great. See you at market!



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