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This Week's Newsletter

Posted 6/4/2012 8:28am by Grow Food Northampton.

Hey Friends –

It's June, and the Tuesday Market Bakesale Committee is throwing a Strawberry berriesParty this week. Come on over! We will supply paper plates, forks, napkins and whipped cream. You bring the pie, gallette, shortcake, strawberries dipped in chocolate, you name it... (please don't bring custards or cheesecakes for food safety reasons.) Drop your dessert off by 3:30 pm. If you don't have time to make something, just come eat strawberry dessert between 3-5 pm (or as long as the desserts last). Donations of $4 - $6 for each serving will go directly to our FoodStampsX2 Program, which I'll tell you more about below.

And for those of you just looking to buy strawberries to take home, the market will be loaded with the freshest, juciest, sweetest berries you can find anywhere! Here are a couple strawberry recipes. Last week, Ben was so busy selling strawberries he didn't take a single picture of the market, right up until the very end when the storm arrived, and who could resist taking a picture of that sky?


Check out this week's recipes – Herbed Sliders and A Simple Bok Choy Stir Fry. Make them both and have a delicious, nourishing dinner courtesy of your devoted farmers here at Tuesday Market.

Click here to see the list of all the vendors coming to market this week. Below are just a couple highlights.

Crimson and Clover Farm will make its first appearance of the season this week. I know many of you have helped to make the Northampton Community Farm (where Crimson and Clover is located) a reality through your time, money and enthusiasm. Maybe you're gardening over there now at FOG (Florence Organic Gardens), too. We're really excited to have Crimson & Clover at the market for the majority of the season this year, bringing their delicious vegetables and small fruits. This week they'll have strawberries and little gem lettuces (a sweet tasting small lettuce with a good crunch) along with many other goodies.

Woodstar Cafe will be back with their delicious baked goods and drinks, including the best array of gluten-free baked goods we've seen anywhere in the valley.

And Berkshore returns with fresh scallops & lobster. Like really fresh. Like in-the-ocean-that-morning fresh. Wes sold out quicker than you can say "lobster claw" last time he was at market. The best way to make sure he gets product to you is to call him or email him through his website and pre-order exactly what you want. (Here's what one enthusiastic customer wrote on facebook: The scallops and lobster were melt-in-your-mouth amazing! I meant to take photos, but once they were on the platters, basic gluttony over-rode any delays. Everyone oohed and aahed and savored every bite. What a great way to have a feast -- with a minimum of effort for the cook! Welcome to the Northampton Market!!!)

Peterman's Bowls and Boards returns to market this week, bringing his fine-crafted wooden bowls.

Peter Blanchette will be strumming his songs -- this is the last market that he'll be at for a while so come get your fill.

We are proud and excited to be continuing our FoodStampsX2 program for the 3rd year in a row. We keep doing it because of stories like this one that Mim heard last week. A mother came to the market tent wondering about whether she could use her WIC benefits at the market. Mim explained how that worked at the market and then asked her if she had SNAP benefits. The woman said yes. Mim described our doubling program to her, and the woman started crying. She immediately started to figure out in her mind how she could come every week, and what she would get at the market. and was so grateful for the additional $10 a week she would now be able to spend on food that she really wanted to eat. And we are so grateful to all of you for the support and donations which have contiued to make this program possible.

Our most recent collaboration is with the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts. James Barden will be at the market this week (and every first Tuesday of the month) helping people sign up for SNAP benefits. The Tuesday Market crew (Mim, Sabrina, and Oona) are also trained volunteers through the Food Bank to sign people up for SNAP, so – if you think you might qualify – talk to one of us, and we can go through the application process with you any Tuesday.

Finally, some of our vendors are now eligible to take the WIC CVV fruit and vegetable checks. If you have WIC benefits and have these checks to use, you can spend them at Crabapple and Town Farm through the end of October.

OK, if you've made it to the end of this email, you get a reward. Come to the Town Farm stand and Ben will hand you a big, plump, red, juicy strawberry to pop into your mouth.

See you at market!


Posted 5/28/2012 5:34am by Grow Food Northampton.





Hey Tuesday Market Friends --


Maybe because they now have their own small farm in the hills, we were able to convince Woodstar Cafe to join us at market this year. We are excited about all the yummy goodies – both savory and sweet – that they'll be bringing to market on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Tuesdays of the month. This week they will have iced coffee and iced strawberry rhubarb tea, a fruit pie table, and savory hand pies. There will also be a wide selection of non-gluten baked goods (yay! yay!), as well as vegan and dairy free. So make a date with a friend to have a wonderful dinner and dessert at Tuesday Marekt, courtesy of Northampton's own Woodstar Cafe!


Goldthread Organic Herb Farm and Apothecary does so many things that it's Goldthreadsometimes hard to keep track: growing herbs, making herbal preparations and teaching many aspects of herbal medicine. At the market, we've been loving their flavorful and nourishing honey blends (the Kava one takes us back to an amazing trip to Hawaii), and their simple iced or warm teas that hit the spot on any day. One of the other reasons we were excited to have them join the market this season was to help educate us on all on the nutritional benefits of the foods and herbs our vendors have to offer every week. Here's Bill Siff, herbalist and acupuncturist, talking about the benefits of eating lots of spring greens (both wild and cultivated).


It is a fantastic strawberry year so far – the right amount of sun and rain makesstrawberry for juicy, flavorful, prolific berries! Market will be absolutely loaded with them this week.


It is truly amazing how many strawberries children can inhale, and since – in our house, at least – there are many days when fruits and veggies are totally rejected, we let our kids eat & eat strawberries until their faces and hands are completely red and their eyes are glazed in a plump strawberry delirium. 


Our two recipes this week are strawberry-inspired – a Simple Strawberry Jam that requires no canning and no pectin, and an amazing Strawberry Spinach Walnut Salad created by Justamere Tree Farm that features their maple-coated walnuts and pecans. Pick up the new rcipe cards at our market stand, along with all the recipes from previous weeks. And let us know how the cooking goes! You can post pictures on our facebook page, or just say Hi to Mim at market.


I am amazed every year by how few strawberries it actually takes to can a dozenstrawberry rhubarb pie jars of strawberry jam, and then we eat it up all winter long. Whether you're a novice or skilled canner, check out the National Center for Home Food Preservation for all kinds of directions, graphs and info. Also feel free to ask Mim for more canning advice and resources at the market booth.


The first Tuesday Market event of the season is upon us! Next Tuesday, June 5th, the Tuesday Market Bakesale Committee will be hosting a Strawberry Dessert Party. Please bring a dessert and a card with your recipe on it by 3:30 pm (or drop off earlier). We will provide paper plates, forks, napkins, and whipped cream. Dessert will be served for donations of $4-6 that will go directly to our FoodStampsX2 program at Tuesday Market. Let us know what you plan to bring. (If you are interested in volunteering, talk to Mim.) Sorry, for food safety reason, no dairy-based desserts (like cheesecake) will be permitted (but butter in your crests, etc. is fine).


Potter Anna Hogeland is our artist of the week. And Peter Blanchette returns with wonderful tunes.


We love teachers. We love our kids' teachers, and we love all the other teachers teacher giftin this town and this region who work so hard, week after week, to bring security and inspiration and steadiness and affection and knowledge to their students' bright minds. And after a full year of that hard work, we think the teachers could use some inspiration and nourishment of their own. If you know a teacher you'd like to thank, how about giving them a string of Tuesday Market tokens with our custom-made teacher-thank-you card attached. Tokens can be used at any market vendor. Purchase a string of $25.00 or more in tokens this week, and we will give you a $2.50 token of your very own.


OK, that's all. See you at market. And please don't forget which day is Tuesday, given the holiday and all.




Art projects every week!


Old Friends


Flowers from Old Friends Farm!


carrots & strawberries


Pregnant mommas feeding their babies!


Tuesday Market is located next to the parking garage in downtown Northampton.

We are open 1:30 - 6:30. Here's our website.

Posted 5/21/2012 4:33pm by Tuesday Market.

Hey friends –

This week for the lobsterfirst time, BerkShore will be coming to Tuesday Market with lobster and scallop so fresh they taste sweet. Wes Malzone – who grew up in Scituate, MA on the south shore – brings scallops, lobster and sometimes fish right off the fishing fleet based there.Wes' old friend from growing up is one of the lobstermen and has connected him to other boats. We're excited! Wes will be coming to market on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of every month. Here's how it works: Wes will always have some product for direct sale at market on Tuesday, but if you want to guarantee that he'll have some for you, your best bet is to pre-order by Monday night. Email him with what you want, and he'll get back to you with the price list for that week (prices fluctuate based on availability). Here's the website. His email is wes@berkshore.com. 

And here's the way he told us to cook the scallops to truly enjoy their freshness:

Cut off the muscle on each scallop. Heat a couple tablespoons of a neutral oil (sunflower, canola, or vegetable) to pretty high heat in a pan. Sear the scallops on both sides, but don't overcook. We added a squeeze of lemon juice. Our two-and-a-half-year-old proceeded to eat 5 of them!

The strawberries are truly here. Enterprise Farm is loaded. Town Farm is loaded. None of which is to say that you should dawdle if you really want strawberries this week. We have seen strawberries leave the market so quickly it's like a red, streaming line, like one of those speeded-up scenes from the movie Koyaanisqatsi, with Philip Glass playing piano in the background.

And speaking of strawberries, in two weeks, on June 5th, we are really going to celebrate the season. The Tuesday Market Bake Sale Committee is organizing a Strawberry Shortcake & Other Strawberry Dessert Party. Bring a strawberry dessert of your own making to market to share. And come ready to EAT. The event will help us raise funds for our very succesful FoodStampsX2 program, where we match up to $10 of any customers SNAP (food stamp) dollars each week. We'll say more about the shindig in our next newsletter, or feel free to check in with Mim at market.

The Tuesday Market recipe of the week harkens back to last May when Unmi Honey Miso Noodle Saladand Roger (the chefs & founders of Coco in Easthampton) came to market and made Honey Miso Noodle Salad all day to benefit our FoodStampsX2 Program. Well, they won't be at market this week, but here's that great simple recipe again to make and to savor. And if you don't have it in you to make it, you can go to Coco on any Friday or Saturday for lunch and eat it there (or try the buttermilk fried chicken or the fish tacos). My mouth is watering even though I just ate a bagel. We are also raising funds again for our FoodStampsX2 Program this year. You can read more about it here.

My favorite cooking magazine of the moment is Fine Cooking (my sister-in-law got me a subscription a couple years ago and I got hooked). Here's a link to a delicious sounding lamb burger which I would also substitute with goat meat. One of the best things about eating lamb from around here is that they really only eat grass and hay during their lifetimes. They have no need for grain except as an incentive to move them from one pasture to carr's with cideranother. The lambs of Leyden Glen and Crabapple Farm are delicious!

And as a follow up to last week's egg theme, a classic deviled egg recipe with variations.

Other good things this week:

Carr's Ciderhouse is back with their beautiful bottles full of bourbon-like cider.


Bistro Les Gras/GRUB will be bringing potato-mushroom soup and pork belly "buns" (pork belly, cucumber, hoisin, and pickled carrots). Cakery Dauphine will have carrot cupcakes with goat cheese frosting and slices of chocolate cake! Yum.

Hosta Hill will be returning with their kimchi, sauerkraut and tempeh and Berkshire Blue cheese this week and will be coming from here on out on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of every month. Sorry for those of you looking for them these past couple weeks -- we just figured out their schedule. hosta hill

The artisan of the week is Stacia Caplanson of Rainbow Kids Tie Dye who wants to dress you in many shades of tie dye clothing. My older boy couldn't resist her stand at the River Meltdown a couple years ago.

Peter Blanchette will strum his many strings.

And there will be awesome kids art projects facilitated by Sabrina Montenigro, our amazing intern who has worked for years at the Smith College Art Museum coming up with crafty fun projects for kids.

So come play, shop, eat, and get inspired by carrots! strawberries! wine! beef! artisinal cheese! bok choi! shitake mushrooms! salad turnips! arugula! flowers! and so much more...Peter Blanchette

Tuesday Market is located next to the parking garage in Downtown Northampton.

We are open from 1:30 - 6:30.

Here is our Facebook page..

Posted 5/13/2012 2:50pm by Grow Food Northampton.


Hey Tuesday Market Friends --rainy days

For the first time in close to 4 years, Ben has passed off the writing of this newsletter to me: Oona. My plan is to be as quirky, inviting, and funny as Ben with some of my own storytelling and food politics thrown in. And his photographs, of course.

Despite the rain again last week, you all turned out for the great beauty & deliciousness. That's part of why I love Tuesday Market. Weather doesn't keep you away. So here's what's in store for this week and what you maybe missed last week.

We are please to have Cricket Creek Farm from Williamstown at our market this season. I was struck last weekearthy tones by the incredible flavor of their grass-fed cow cheese and the amazing patterns on the rinds. Nicole, who was working the stand at the market this week, said that one of the cheeses that they make was traditionally pressed into its shape using straw. The pattern of the current mold they use works to replicate that visual of straw pressed into cheese. Food=Art=Work=Delicious.

This week our recipes focus on wonderful spring eggs. Before the loads of vegetables arrive, hens are out eating green grass and turning it into unparalleled golden-yolked eggs (the kind you can never find at a grocery store). And in our family, one of the magical things about eggs is that you can sneak just about any vegetable into them and they'll get gobbled up by veggie-phobic kids. Take your pick from the eggs at Crabapple Farm, Old Friends Farm, Mockingbird Farm, and Town Farm this week. 

If you're looking for new ideas for preparing eggs, try these: A delicious Frittata,Old Friends Eggs which I think of as an omelette that doesn't require any flipping and is still good the next day for lunch. And a Maple Custard. This recipe is about as easy as it can get and is oh-so-good! You can pair it with fresh fruit or cooked fruit or the delicious spreads and jams from Bug Hill Farm and Beaumont's Berries.

How many laying hens do each of these farms currently have? Go ask! The first three people to get us a correct answer at the Tuesday Market stand will receive a $5 token to spend at the market (maybe on some eggs!). You can also pick up recipe cards at the market stand to take home.

In addition to our egg recipes you can find a ramp pesto recipe (ramps are wild onions available just during this time of year) on our website thanks to Paul from New England Wild Edibles. Paul also has – for a limited time – watercress fresh from an idyllic stream. And to make your table truly a pleasure to sit at, find a bouquet of Sweet William from Old Friends Farm this week. Missy says that most flowers are bred to have no smell but Sweet William's have not succumbed to that fate. They are sweet smelling carnations and this is their Petermoment. 

Peter Blanchette – the famed instrument inventor, orchestra conductor and master musician – will be back at the market this week plucking his archguitar strings. Come listen and grow your brain with the intricate classical pieces. 

The artist of the week (yes, there will be one artisan a week for the whole season) is Debby Reelitz who will be bringing her beautiful calligraphied tshirts with some good market messages: Eat Fresh, Powered by Kale, etc...

Green River Ambrosia will also be back this week tasting and selling their fabulous mead.

The prize for first carrots of the season goes to Old Friends Farm, and the prize for first strawberries goes to Enterprise Farm. And what's the prize? Your delighted faces, of course.

You might have already seen the results of the recent contest in the NY Times Magazine to write an ethical argument for eating meat. The contest winner ran last Sunday. It's a great essay -- definitely worth a read, and the overview of the contest – including the sheer number of people who responded with essays and with comments – is fascinatng as well.

OK, that's all. See you at market!

first carrots

first strawberries

sweet william

tomato starts


Tuesday Market is located next to the parking garage in downtown Northampton.

We are open from 1:30 - 6:30.

Posted 5/6/2012 10:37pm by Grow Food Northampton.

Tuesday Market

Hello Friends –

What a wonderful opening day we had last week! Neither the rain nor the cool spring temps could keep our hearty customers from coming by to catch up with Barron & Zoeour farmers, and to take home the early-May goodness in the form of wine! radishes! cucumbers! arugula! sausages! maple syrup! salad mix! asparagus! There was so much food at market (for May 1st, at least). It was a special pleasure to watch peoples' faces as they took in the abundance. Can you believe that the soil of our valley makes all of this? Check out some of the pictures at the bottom of this newsletter.

Each month we'll be featuring a recipe for a seasonal pizza. This month it's Arugula, Mushroom, & Sausage Pizza. The great thing about pizza, of course, is that you can tailor-make it to the different members of your household. Here in our house, Oona puts yummy vegetables and more flavorful cheeses on one half, and straight-up tomato sauce and mild cheese on the other. This is, ostensibly, because the kids want it easy, although they never fail to wolf down the "adult" side as well.

Buy a ready-made pizza crust from the store, or make your own if you have something to prove. If you're cooking gluten-free, it doesn't get better than this recipe, which Oona makes whenever we badger her enough times. Our boys, who are not technically gluten-free, think all other pizza tastes weird.

Another pleasure from our first market was the fiddle and mandolin playing from Baron Colins-Hill and Zoe Darrow. They were so good! I only learned later that Zoe is an internationally known, award-winning fiddler. At the time I was just tapping my feet and enjoying the music. And guess what – they're playing again this week, and they'll have CDs available for you to bring home. Thanks Baron & Zoe!

This year, Tuesday Market has more vendors than ever, and that's not just good news for your dinner-table, it's good news for your garden as well. I want to Bear Rootwelcome Bear Root Herb Farm to the market. Lauren and Danielle grow vibrant, beautiful bedding plants, from vegetables and culinary herbs to hard-to-find medicinals like evening primrose & stevia. And of course there are tons of garden starts to be found at Sangha Farm, Enterprise Farm, and Crabapple Farm as well. Each of our farmers is full of knowledge and would be happy to advise you on how to best use the plants in your garden. Just ask!

This year we've booked a featured artist or craftsperson for every week of the season, starting with Lou's Upcycles. Lou makes useful and beautiful items from all of our discarded waste. Very cool stuff, and his blog is a trove of information.

Chef Daniel Martinez has been busy running Bistro Les Gras, starting his new restaurant – GRUB – and even offering an occasional cooking class at Different Drummers' Kitchen. This Tuesday's class is A Seafood Feast and it sounds incredible. At market, Daniel will have Wild Ramp and Potato Soup from BLG, and Spicy Peanut Noodles from GRUB.

Amanda & Cakery Dauphine join Daniel under the Bistro tent with Pistachio Rhubarb Cupcakes and Salted Chocolate Caramel Cupcakes! Yesssss.

Two new vendors Black Birch Vineyard & Carr's Ciderhouse – willblack birch be offering samples of their wine and hard cider at market this week. The beverages are delicious - really - but I'll have to leave it to the experts to offer a professional discussion of their flavors. What I want to talk about is the labels. Both of these young businesses have serious style! Check them out online, or – if you happen to like real, actual people – come by the market and say Hi.

Mim advises spending some time on Happyolks. Awesome recipes & sweet designs. Here in particular is a lovely and extremely pertinent recipe, as long as you show up at market in time to get some of the much-coveted asparagus. But if you miss the asparagus, the market is still loaded with wonderful spring greens, scallions & green garlic, salad turnips, radishes, eggs, lettuce, and so much more.

Hey, sorry if you're having trouble finding the market tent and the credit/debit/ebt machine. We're having some wireless signal issues and need to to move it around to find the best location. Just look for the lavender-colored tent and you'll find us. Thanks!

Can't wait to see you on Tuesday!


Insect project

 bottle feeding




Tuesday Market is located next to the parking garage in Downrown Northampton.

We are open from 1:30 - 6:30.

Posted 4/30/2012 8:42pm by Grow Food Northampton.

Hi Friends –


I am thrilled to announce that Tuesday Market begins its fourth season this Tuesday, May 1st! Come on down to hear Baron Collins Hill and his Band. Meet some of our newest vendors, including Black Birch Vineyard, Hosta Hill (yay Tempeh!), and Goldthread Organic Herb Farm (more about all the new vendors next week). And go ahead and pick up a couple of our new recipe cards from Mim at the Tuesday Market Tent.

This week's featured recipes are Salad Turnips Sauteed in Butter and Three Dressings for Lots of Salads. Please admire the artwork on our recipe cards. They are made by friend Laura Protzel. Thanks Laura!

I'm sure you haven't forgotten that Tuesday Market doubles the value of food stamps (SNAP benefits), but here's some new news. Through a collaboration with the Food Bank of Western Mass, our staff is now trained to provide information and to screen potential SNAP recipients right at market. Once you've filled out an application, we will provide $5 in market tokens to likely SNAP recipients (from our FoodStampsX2 program), just to make sure you leave the market with something fresh and delicious!

It's a tradition: Town Farm brings goat kids to market this week. This year it's triplets – Aspen, Thorn, & Lava (the second graders at Jackson Street School know them already). Come at 3:30 and you might get a chance to help bottle-feed them! Also check out the kids' art projects from 2:30 - 5:30 under the trees in the center of the plaza.

Hey, we want to know what you cooked! Stop by and tell us next week, or keep us posted on our Facebook page. What did you make with the gorgeous food you brought home from Tuesday Market? Post pictures, post recipes, post descriptions of your darling's face after he or she took their first bite. Post your favorite pictures from the market, too!

So, people, I know it's May 1st – early spring and all – but Tuesday Market has FOOD: Salad mix, shitake mushrooms, wild ramps, green garlic, jams, salad turnips, arugula, asparagus, kale, collards, nettles, eggs, lamb, pork, and much more! As always, come early for asparagus. We can't wait to see you there.

salad turnips 1

Tuesday Market is located next to the parking garage in downtown Northampton.

We are open from 1:30 to 6:30. The first hour in the parking garage is always free.

Posted 4/23/2012 7:32pm by Tuesday Market.


Dear Friends –

Tuesday Market is just about ready to dress up the plaza in spring finery, and we're so excited we would consider throwing a party, except for the fact that Tuesday Market is a party, and we need to get ready for that.

As you know, Tuesday Market is about relaxing. It's about chatting with your friends. It's about community and kids and art and music. Tuesday Market is about soil and open spaces. Tuesday Market is about food. And we have more of all of it this year.

I'm excited about the wine and the hard cider. I'm excited about the garden plants and the herbal preparations. I'm excited about the live lobster and the scallops from the South Shore. I'm excited about the home-made tempeh and kim chi, about the artists and the fantastic musical line-up we have for this season. I'm excited about the strawberries then the raspberries then the blueberries then the peaches and apples too. I'm excited about the savory pies, and of course I'm excited to see again the faces of the farmers and vendors who've been with us all these years.

But I'll tell you more about all of that later, because more than anything else, what I'm excited about this season is our new assistant manager – your new market buddy – Mim.

As of this spring, Mim Shafer's got Tuesday Market in the palm of her hand. She grew up with a bunch of chickens in Vermont, she ran a kitchen and worked the farm for years at Journey's End Camp in rural PA, she organizes girls at risk in Holyoke & Ware, and now she's helped us set up IN THE KITCHEN, our new collection of events and offerings designed to re-ignite a culture of cooking, in which we all share our diverse skills, knowledge, recipes, ideas, and food inspirations with one another. Read more about IN THE KITCHEN here, but for now, let's just meet Mim. Oona asked her a few questions earlier today:

Oona: Welcome to Tuesday Market, Mim. We're really excited to have you on board this year. I have a few mimquestions to help everyone out there get to know you a little better. Tell me one of your favorite memories of growing up on your family's homestead in rural Vermont.

Mim: Well, we had pigs that my two sisters and I would often play with. They lived in the foundation of an old house. We always rode around on their backs and scratched them and gave them girly hyphenated names like Shirly-Pinecone and Bonny-Bacon. Our farm is named Rosefire Farm after a TS Eliot poem that my parents read at their wedding.

Oona: What connections do you draw between your organizing work with teens and teen moms and managing a farmers market?

Mim: I guess it's a combination of all the logistics of who will be where when, and the overall nutritional focus of the job.

Oona: Describe your personal cooking style.

Mim: Lots of veggies and lots of canning and measuring spices in the palm of my hand.

Oona: What new things at Tuesday Market this season are you most excited about?

Mim: I'm really excited about the focus on simple recipes so that cooking can seem less daunting to people. I'm looking forward to helping folks try new products and vegetables.

Oona: Do you like people or vegetables better?

Mim: I like people, but I REALLY like fennel and radishes.

OK, so that's Mim, but now I realize I've made it through this long email without telling you a way-important detail, which is that TUESDAY MARKET STARTS MAY 1ST! It's from 1:30 to 6:30, in case you've forgotten, and it's located next to the parking garage, in case you got a new car since last November. Come on over and say Hi. Even if you have your own garden where you grow your own radishes and salad mix and asparagus, and your own pasture where you raise your own tender lambs, and your own cider press and vineyard and beehives, and your own oven where you make your own artisan bread, and your own friend in Scituate who brings you live lobster in a refrigerated truck every other week, and your own interns who set up art projects for your kids, and your own EBT machine with which you double the value of the food stamps of all of your friends – even if you have all of that – we still want to see you. Just because you are lovely. Just so we can tell you that winter has treated you well.

Here's our website, and here's our facebook page, upon which you'll find all sorts of nifty things in the next several months.

And I know it says this below, but it's really OK if you want to opt out and not receive this newsletter anymore.

On the other hand, by all means go ahead and forward this to anyone you think will care.

New recipients: Go ahead and sign up for the newsletter here.

Posted 11/14/2011 8:45pm by Tuesday Market.

Dear Friends –



 Tuesday Market is getting drowsy. Tuesday Market feels the early morning frost pressing its whole body down. Tuesday Market hears the flitter of sparrows in late-sown fields searching for a few last seeds to crack. Tuesday Market sweeps the plaza and eight months of petals and breadcrumbs and overheard snippets of conversation are borne away by the wind. Dear friends, Tuesday Market is ready to take a long, long nap.

But not until we have one last hurrah, OK? This week the market features salad greens, spinach, kale, apples, ginger, and an incredible assortment of fall roots, including that most unduly modest of late-season vegetables – the watermelon radish (slice one open and you'll see why there's no need for modesty).

This week our friends at Justamere Tree Farm will be giving out a free maple candy to anyone who'd like one. It's their kind way of saying thanks for all the goodness that you – our customers – have brought to this market, just by showing up.

One person who showed up, and showed up, and showed up all season long was Peter Blanchette. His music made the market a good place to be. We can all offer a bit of thanks by helping to fund the movie being made about Peter and the Happy Valley Guitar Orchestra. More information is here.

So that's about it. Stop by and say hello & goodbye to us this week – wish us all some good, nurturing rest – but please don't forget that many Tuesday Market vendors will be selling glorious food at Northampton's Winter Farmers Market, which starts THIS Saturday and continues weekly, every Saturday from 9 to 2.

Here are some pictures from this season. And if we don't see you at market, here's wishing you a wonderful winter. Be well!






mister g

pie plates





Tuesday Market is located next to the parking garage in downtown Northampton.

We are open from 1:30 to 6:30 every Tuesday.

Here is our website. Here is our facebook page.

Posted 11/8/2011 8:45am by Tuesday Market.

Hi Everyone –


Our second-to-last market is this week, and we're still loaded with freshly-dug roots, succulent salad greens, crisp apples, hardy flowers, and delectable cuts of meat. Our vendors also make a splendid array of crafts and value-added products for your belly and home, or for you to give away as the perfect gifts. You could, in fact, get all your holiday shopping done in one fell swoop at Tuesday Market. Start with hand-made brooms of all sizes from Justamere Tree Farm. Superb craftsmanship and earthen materials make these some of the most satisfying tools you can have in your house. Next check out the truly beautiful garlic and shallot braids at Astarte Farm, and the skeins of wool from Crabapple Farm. Bug Hill Farm makes gift boxes of their black currant cordial and their rhubarb rush, and – of course – jam from Beaumont's Berries and jars of Red Barn Honey will please just about anyone. (Check out the photos below of some of these great products.)

As we close in on the end of the season, I want to say on behalf of all the Tuesday Market vendors that you – our dedicated, charming, sincere, hilarious, inspiring, impassioned, busy, hungry customers – are just great. We really like you, and we are so glad you keep coming back. Thanks. We'll see you at market.




Posted 10/24/2011 6:51pm by Tuesday Market.

tuesday market

Hi Everyone –

Despite what it says on our permanent sign, Tuesday Market has four more weeks to go – all the way to November 15th! And even as the season winds applesdown, there are new and glorious things to find at market every week. The array of apple varieties available from Park Hill Orchard and Apex Orchards just keeps on growing. Check out the jicama and turmeric grown by Old Friends Farm. There's tender, succulent salad mix grown in Town Farm's winter greenhouses. Sangha Farm has a couple new cheeses to try out. And Dan Pratt from Astarte Farm will be at market with beautiful, braided garlic & shallot bunches.

After November 15th, come find a bunch of us at the heartwarming, musical, comfy, nourishing Northampton Winter Farmers Market in the Thornes Dynamite Space. Crabapple Farm, Apex Orchards, Bug Hill Farm, Town Farm, Mockingbird Farm, and Sangha Farm will be there every Saturday from 9:00 to 2:00. It's a fantastic market and an incredibly satisfying way to
Peter Blanchette get fresh food and stay connected with your faithful farmers through the coldest months. 

Peter Blanchette – director of the Happy Valley Guitar Orchestra – takes us back into the zone this week on another beautiful Tuesday afternoon. Here's a great article about Peter & HVGO.

Last week Ms.  Walmsey – 2nd grage teacher at Jackson Street School – brought her class to Town Farm, where they met some goats & chickens, hauled firewood, and harvested carrots for market. The very next day to the whole class made their way down to Tuesday Market, where they interviewed vendors, snacked on apples, and admired the carrot bunches they'd dug. Ms. Walmsey, along with Mary Cowhey and other teachers & parents at JSS – as well as Ben Wood from the Northampton Health Department – have worked tirelessly to connect kids to farming and gardening, and to encourage in them a lifetime of good, healthy eating. Here's what I have to say: They're doing a great job. 


at market

eating an apple

So tell all your friends that market is still going strong. We can't wait to see you there!

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