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Posted 10/8/2012 4:12pm by Grow Food Northampton.

tuesday market banner

Hey Tuesday Market Friends --

happy valley guitar orchestra in action

We are super lucky this week to have the Happy Valley Guitar Orchestra, the world's premiere avant-garde guitar orchestra (and local favorite), performing for FREE at Tuesday Market. The concert is sponsored by the Northampton Arts Council. Two sets: one at 4:30 pm and one at 5:30 pm. Come listen to Bartok played like Led Zeppelin, or maybe Philip Glass on banjos? Anything is possible with the HVGO!

And if you get to market earlier, from 2-3:45 Shanti and Kwame will be performing West African music. Quite the musical menu to go along with the feast of food.

Here's the list of all the vendors at market this week.

 Here are the comfort foods that I've been cooking up this week. Stuffed Cabbage Rolls, a favorite of the valley Polish community. I had never made them before and they took a little planning ahead but were wonderfully nourishing. And Maple Almond Cacao Cookies. Marian from Justamere Tree Farm brought these to a market meeting a couple Januaries ago and later passed her quick version of the recipe my way. Protein rich and yummy.

cabbage from crimson and clover farm

Bistro/GRUB and Cakery Dauphine will be back this week after a little hiatus. There will be Roasted Tomato Soup for a brisk fall day and Peanut Noodles for a fast filling meal and cupcakes. Chamaya's Tortilleria (or the Tortilla Ladies, as I call them) will also be back. I love their corn tortillas as the wrapping for a breakfast taco.

The artist this week is Malea Rhodes bringing beautiful and functional pottery -- mugs, serving vessels, and buttons for all you knitters out there.

Kids' art this week is egg carton flowers that can turn into necklaces, too. Zoe warns parents: your chidren will have access to paint. There will be chalk and coloring, too.

In case you forgot, market goes until November 20th this year.

See you there!

P.S. Here's a fascinating article this week about the amount of food that our American culture wastes -- close to 40% and way up since 1970. And here's an interview with a grass fed meat farmer from NY talking about how to not waste as much of the animals we eat and how that can make grass fed meat more affordable.

felt lamb made by Missy at old friends and resting always at leyden glen

Leyden Glen's Mascot made by Missy at Old Friends Farm

town farm celery

Town Farm Celery

Posted 9/30/2012 7:10pm by Grow Food Northampton.

tuesday market banner

Hey Tuesday Market Friends --

red barn honey

My grandfather was a beekeeper and my mother shot super 8 movies of him dressed in his bee suit capturing a swarm of bees from a tree branch and depositing them back into a hive. I love watching the silent, speedy clips of him at work. So I have great awe for the likes of Dick Connor at Red Barn Honey who has hives nestled at farms all around the Valley pollinating winter squash (for example) and making honey. The bees worked hard all spring and summer long extracting nectar from flowers and transforming it. And now is the time of year to enjoy the sweet gold from the hives. Now is the time to stock up on it for allergies, colds, warming teas, sweet desserts, etc...

Here's a main course dish that features honey, Chicken Diable, that Dick passed our way as well. 

If you're looking for herbal honey to support and heal, head over to Goldthread Apothecary at the market. They've got an amazing array of herbal blends of honey made from herbs from their farm in Conway. You can taste them all, too.

enterprise farm winter squash

And here's a list of all the vendors at market this week.

A couple more recipes for this week: Roasted Cauliflower to enjoy the bounty and a Tomato Lentil Soup with Dill to warm you up and as a way savor close to the last tomatoes at market for the year.

The art project of the week is flag making -- come make a flag for your own personal country (Oona-land, for example). Flags can go on sticks or on a string to hang. Here's a great picture from last week showing the endless possibilities of chalk. 

hopscotch at the market

Tiffany Hilton will be back at market with her beautiful and functional ceramics. And the Ephemeral String Band -- lovely ladies playing old time music -- will also be back. I'm going to try to get them to sing some songs, too, because they have great voices.

Next week look forward to an appearance by the Pioneer Valley Guitar Orchestra. We'll say more in the newsletter.

See you at market!

A reminder that market goes all the way to the Tuesday before Thanksgiving this year so you'll even be able to gather goods for your feast.


chalk running fun

Posted 9/24/2012 5:26am by Grow Food Northampton.

tuesday market banner

Hey Tuesday Market Friends --


This time of year, when it gets colder, people start to wonder if the market is still going strong and still full of delicious food. I'm here to tell you, YES! The market is vibrant -- full of broccoli, cauliflower, apples, carrots, lettuce, plus chicken and pork and beef and lamb and sauerkraut and tempeh and cheese and wine and flowers and maple products and honey and medicinal herbs and pizza. The list goes on. I find fall the most inspiring time of year to cook especially when I've got amazing ingrdients to work with. Here are all the vendors at market this week. Tuesday Market will be going until November 20th this year 1:30-6:30 pm.

Recipes of the week are two great simple dishes that can go with many meals and make your kitchen smell great: Roasted Garlic and Baked Apples.

Because of weather and construction that was supposed to be taking place in the market area last week, we asked Dancing Bare Soap and Pioneer Valley Nutritional Therapy to come this week instead. So come and find great homemade soap and learn about classes and ways to eat more local and healthy food. Craig of PV Nutritional Therapy will be talking about his upcoming weight loss/wellness class starting September 27th. Peterman Boards and Bowls is rescheduled for October 30th.

Chamayas Tortilleria will also be at market selling tortillas. They sold out quickly on the 11th so I didn't even see their tortillas -- come early to make sure you get some. We're happy to say that The Laughing Tomato will be serving pizza at the market almost every week for the rest of the season.

sweet dumpling squash

This week's artist is Buttonfoot -- wonderful bags and wallets made from a mixture of recycled coffee bags and new fabrics.

We have a new wonderful kids art intern for the fall -- Zoe Fuller is an inspired Hampshire College student and this week she's got supplies to make rattles and finger cymbals for your kids to dance and make music with. Peter Blanchette will be playing his famous archguitar for the next two weeks in contrast to kids with percussion instruments. Come and enjoy him! 

See you at market!

Posted 9/20/2012 1:27pm by Grow Food Northampton.


Hey Friends – We just want to remind you that this coming Tuesday, September 25th, amazing chef Daniel Martinez from Bistro Les Gras and GRUB will be teaching a cooking class at Different Drummers Kitchen called A Serendipitous Dinner from the Farmers Market. The class is on a Tuesday evening, but if you're available earlier in the day, you can menu plan with Daniel at Bistro Les Gras and then head to the market for ingredients with him. What a great way to welcome the fall and enjoy this great market even more! Click the link above to register.

And just so you know, Tuesday Market will be open all the way up to Thanksgiving week. The weather slowed us down a bit last week*, but all of our vendors will be back for in full force this Tuesday and for the rest of the fall. We'll look forward to seeing you there.


*Tuesday Market is open every Tuesday, May - November, no matter the weather.

Posted 9/16/2012 7:34pm by Grow Food Northampton.

Hey Tuesday Market Friends --

the pie spread

What a great day last week! Perfect weather, delicious and beautiful pies, lovely music and lovely people.

Some Quick Stats of the Day:

$2200 were raised for FoodStampsX2 through sales of pie slices and raffle tickets on that day

49 pies entered, judged and devoured

14 slices left at 5:30 for a lucky dozen people who got them for $1 a slice

11 delicious raffle prizes won

$7,500 (out of our goal of $12,000) raised to date from generous individuals, local businesses, raffle tickets and PIE

Thank you all so much for participating. Thanks to Sarah Buttenwieser for being our volunteer extraordinaire. Thanks to all of you that made and donated pies. Thanks to our volunteer pie servers. Thanks to Steve Herrell for donating and scooping Herrell's ice cream. Thanks to our pie judges -- Lisa Thompson from APE Gallery, JP Welch from Justamere Tree Farm, Rachel Levitt and friend, and Mayor David Narkewicz. Thanks to our business sponsors: Florence Savings Bank, Cornucopia Foods, Go Berry, River Valley Market, and SIP Cafe. Thanks to all the market vendors that donated their goods for the raffle prizes. Thanks to WRSI for spreading the word. Thanks to the Gazette for this great article. Thanks.

If you couldn't make the pie contest, but you still would like to donate and support our FoodStampsX2 program -- follow the link to find out how to give or come talk to us at the market tent any week. sarah b. and the mayor

Harvest time is in full swing with a wide range of crops coming in at market. If you are a meat eater, this is the time of year to come find the best chicken around at Mockingbird Farm -- roast a chicken along with a dish of roasted root vegetables (beets, carrots, garlic, turnips, leeks, onions chopped with some olive oil and salt). Then make chicken sandwiches for the rest of the week and chicken stock at the end of the week. Come check out the beautiful broccoli at market, too. This is its time of year to shine in the field and in baskets. Here are all the vendors that will be at market this week.

Here are some recipes to spark your kitchen muse: Remember Alana Chernila who visited the market way back in July? I bought her cookbook Homemade Pantry and love her granola recipe and her car treats recipe. Here are two entrees from her nice and fiesty blog where her writing and her recipes are both great. Beets and leeks and cabbage soup with italian bread. Good warming meals for this time of year.

Special guests this week are Dancing Bare Soap and Craig Fear from Pioneer Valley Nutritional Therapy. Craig is about to teach a 12 week long group on weight loss/wellness that includes learning how to access more local foods. The next class starts on September 27th so cruise by market and talk to Craig if you're interested.

And Peter Blanchette is back from his European concerts to play archguitar for us right here at Tuesday Market. He'll be strumming the instrument he invented for the next 3 weeks so come and watch his artistry.

See you at market!

most beautiful pie

Winner of Most Beautiful Pie, Stacia Potter

bearer of best pie

Deliverer of Best Pie Winner to Market (the one on the right)

Winner of Best Pie with pregnant Missy from Old Friends Farm

Winner of Best Pie, Anne Teschner, with Missy from Old Friends' Farm and her prizes

judges of best pie by a kid

Judges of Best Pie by a Kid Under 13, Rachel Levitt on right

lea's chalk art

Lea Chiara making market and pie chalk mural

husk cherry chocolate ginger pie

Husk Cherry Chocolate Ginger Pie by the crew at Old Friends Farm

Posted 9/9/2012 7:15pm by Grow Food Northampton.

Tuesday Market Banner

Here they are:

Carrot Ginger Soup and Slaw.

Posted 9/9/2012 7:10pm by Grow Food Northampton.

Hey Tuesday Market Friends --

last year's pie contest

It's Pie Day this week! And rich, creamy ice cream this week, too. Steve Herrell will be scooping Herrell's vanilla ice cream for you to have on top of your pie for an additional donation. We're so excited to celebrate and eat with all of you. Included in this newsletter are images from last year's Pie Contest to remind and inspire. if you still have any questions about bringing pie or eating pie or prizes for pie, you can respond to this email with them.

Thanks to all of you that have bought raffle tickets -- we've made close to $1200 selling tickets and will draw the winners on Tuesday. You don't have to be there to win. We'll still be selling tickets until 3 pm. We also want to thank the wonderful businesses and collaborators in town that have supported our market and FoodStampsX2 this year -- Florence Savings Bank, Herrell's Ice Cream, the City of Northampton, Cornucopia Foods, River Valley Market, Go Berry, SIP, Grow Food Northampton, and Different Drummers Kitchen. We've raised almost $5,000 out of our $12,000 goal and hope you can help us get closer this Tuesday.

beautiful pie

We will be graced again by Maggie and Molly and the Ephemeral String Band at market from 2:30-4:30 and then Matt Lorenz of Rusty Belle will come and play some music starting at 4:30.

In the midst of pie, we welcome Chamayas Tortilleria selling fresh tortillas at market for the first time. They are a new Northampton-based women run business and will be dropping in to market for the month of September and maybe beyond. Come try them out. Bone Flower Botanikals will also be dropping in at market this week only. They will be donating a percentage of all of their sales on Tuesday to FoodStampsX2 so check out their amazing line of herbal products. Here are links to all the vendors at market this week.

Looking into the future: On September 25th, amazing chef Daniel Martinez from Bistro Les Gras and GRUB will be teaching a cooking class at Different Drummers Kitchen called A Serendipitous Dinner from the Farmers Market. The class is on a Tuesday evening, but if you're available earlier in the day, you can menu plan with Daniel at Bistro Les Gras and then head to the market for ingredients with him. How fun and useful! Unmi and Roger from Coco will be teaching another Tuesday Market connected class in early October so stay tuned.

See you at market!

it was blueberry pieAn empty plate at last year's Pie Contest

the end of the day

Well-eaten pies from last year

Posted 9/2/2012 7:25pm by Grow Food Northampton.

tuesday market banner

Hey Tuesday Market friends --

a peach

It's September and full-on harvest time at the market. If you're making a pie for our pie contest and fundraiser, here are some ingredients you can find at market this week to make your pie from: peaches and apples from Apex Orchards, raspberries and strawberries from Bug Hill Farm, ginger from Old Friends Farm, honey from Red Barn Honey, maple syrup from Justamere Tree Farm, butter and cheese(for your crust) from Cricket Creek Farm, and more cheese from Sangha Farm. If you're making a pie that calls for jam, there are also delicious jams from Beaumont's Berries. Here are all the vendors that will be at market this week. 

I know that some of you have been chomping at the bit wondering what the prizes are at this year's pie contest.

So here you go, every 1st prize winner in each category will get a box of 6 delicious goat cheese truffles from Sangha Farm including each of their four flavors: traditional, chipotle, lavender & chocolate. These are one of the best treats at market -- chocolate covered sweetened goat cheese nuggets. In addition, if you win Best Overall Pie, you will also receive a $100 gift card to Old Friends Farm where you can gorge yourself on certified organic flowers, salad greens, ginger, eggs, and other beautiful vegetables.


Our recipes this week are for Stuffed Peppers and a Peach Crumble Pie. On the subject of pie, here's a slew of inspiration from Fine Cooking magazine's website. A classic butter crust, individual raspberry pies, etc....


This week, come cruise by the raffle station, buy some tickets and see raffle prize #2 -- Gourmet Treats in a Basket. These treats include goodies from Bug Hill, Beaumont's Berries, NE Wild Edibles and Red Barn Honey all inside a beautiful Tanzanian basket made by a women's collective there. Regular market customer Sarah McDowell (With These Hands) works with these women and imports their baskets. They are exquisite, functional and smell like the fresh grass they're made from.

We need some wonderful volunteers to help slice and serve pie and accept donations the day of the pie contest! Please email us back if you're interested and available anytime between 2:30 and 6:30 pm on Tuesday, September 11th.

Miz Myrtle Bags will be the featured artist at market this week -- she makes inspired collaged purses among other crafty things. Maggie and Molly and the Ephemeral String Band will be there, too, strumming strings and singing beautiful harmonies inspired by music from the rural South.

James from The Food Bank will also be at market helping people apply for SNAP benefits -- come by and talk to him if you think you might qualify.

See you on Tuesday!


gingerGinger is back! at Old Friends Farm

art project with emily neuberger last weekArt Projects with Emily Neuberger last week

emily and her book

Emily and her book

Posted 8/27/2012 6:10pm by Grow Food Northampton.

Tuesday Market Banner

Hey Tuesday Market Friends --

Oona Selling Raffle Tickets

Two more weeks until our Annual Pie Contest on Tuesday September 11th. Make a pie. Eat pie. Have some Herrell's vanilla ice cream (generously donated and scooped by Steve Herrell himself.) Help serve pie. The whole event will benefit the FoodStampsX2 program at the market. 

If you're thinking about making a pie, here's a link to a cool Apple Pie in a Paper Bag recipe – a simple sounding way to avoid the bubbling over pie problem that plagues my oven. If you are thinking of entering a pie in the contest, there are 4 categories: Best Pie, Best Gluten Free Pie, Best Pie made by a Kid under 13, and Most Beautiful Pie. Next week I will tell you the prizes!

Of course, you don't have to make a pie in order to come down and enjoy the incredble spread we'll have at market that week.

And back to the awesome market of the moment: bell peppers of all colors, sweet & juicy peaches, dozens of varieties of tomatoes, the beginning of winter squash, new kinds of apples every week, green beans. This is the time of year when everyone who's been away from the valley all summer comes back and realizes what they missed. So for all of you coming back, here are 6 summer salads to seize the end of summer with. And for all of you that have been here, if you can't get enough of the glorius fruits, here's a recipe for fruit leather to make and freeze or refrigerate to appreciate in the fall and winter. Here are all the vendors at market this week. Jazer

Special guest this week: Emily Neuberger of red bird crafts. She's coming with her book Show Me a Story, 40 Craft Projects and Activities to Spark Children's Storytelling that is being released nationwide on Tuesday. She's also coming with some of the awesome projects for kids 5 and up inside the book to share with kids at the market. Lucky us! We will also have our art projects for the 5 and under crowd.

Jazer Giles will be back on his accordion this week serenading the market and making me want to polka. Artists Bethan Lamb and Nic W. will bring beautiful beaded jewelry and terrariums (glass bubbles filled with small luscious gardens). 

Raffle tickets will still be on sale this week -- check out prize #4 -- 2 bottles of wine from Black Birch Vineyards plus a wheel of Maggie's Round cheese from Cricket Creek Farm. You could throw a party with this prize! Tickets are 25 for $20 (or $1 each).

Finally, if you are a SNAP recipient using your benefits at the market, the Dept. of Public Health would like to interview you for 10 minutes about your experience at the market. Heather from Mass in Motion will be at the market between 3-4 pm this Tuesday.

See you there!

town farm peppers

Beautiful bell peppers for good prices!



Grapes from Apex Orchards

more peppers

Posted 8/20/2012 3:40pm by Grow Food Northampton.

Tuesday Market Banner

Hey Tuesday Market Friends --

Apex Orchards will be bringing juicy peaches and delicious grapes named Vanessa to market this week. They will also have boxes of 2nds peaches but may run out of those before the end of market so come early if you want them. Here are all the vendors who will be at market this week.

The JMTP Quartet returns for their 3rd year in a row playing swinging and fun acoustic music on accordian, violin, guitar and bass. Katie Ray Arts will be bringing her beautiful glass and metal work. Last time she came, our son fell in love with her glass snails and had to bring one home. 

Our recipes, Fresh Salsa and Oven Roasted (Cherry) Tomatoes, celebrate the crimson and clover tomatoesawesome tomatoes that abound at market -- every possible color of heirloom and loads of cherries and solid reds, too. Try one of the green varieties of heirloom tomatoes -- you'll be surprised and delighted. What is an heirloom tomato and why do people talk about them so much? Heirloom tomatoes are varieties that have been in existence for at least 50 years and are non-hybridized, which to a farmer or gardener means that – if you want to save the seeds from them – you will more or less get the tomato that you're eating. In an eater's terms, heirlooms often taste more complex and better than regular red tomatoes but look a little less perfect (expect cracks, bumps and funny coloring). The tomatoes pictured here are from Crimson & Clover Farm.

If you're looking at all the tomatoes at market and thinking that you'd love to have some of them in the depth of winter, here are some ways to preserve the harvest. Vegetable vendors at the market are often selling boxes of 2nds tomatoes for totally reasonable prices that are perfect for preserving. If you'd like to reserve a box of 2nds from Town Farm, call or text Ben at 413 262 5489.

We will be selling raffle tickets for super yummy foods and products from Tuesday Market vendors again this week to benefit the SNAP/Food Stamps doubling program at the market. Prize #1 is an amazing basket of herbal remedies from Goldthread Organic Herb Farm and Apothecary to aid all sorts of common woes. Basket will come with a guide for how to use everything -- for a $1 ticket or 25 tickets for $20, you could win this $200 prize. Raffle prizes will be drawn at the Pie Contest and Eating Fest on September 11th. Come ask us all about these events or come  sign up to bake a pie at the purple market tent.

See you there for a beautiful late summer market!


Potatoes from Crabapple Farm!


Some goat kids came visiting last week.


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