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Posted 7/22/2013 9:36am by Grow Food Northampton.

tuesday market banner

Hey Market Friends --

In case you haven't been following the Farm Bill debates down in Washington recently, one of the heated topics of conversation has been the SNAP/Food Stamp benefits and their place in the farm bill. Our Congressman Jim McGovern is a strong supporter of SNAP and has made multiple impassioned speeches to save the program from his seat on the House Agricultural Committee. (Here's an informed editorial from the Gazette.) Along party lines, representatives from large agricultural states to the west believe that farm subsidies should remain but SNAP should disappear. Out here, where our farms are smaller and more diversified, farmers qualify for far fewer subisidies. In fact, the SNAP program (and especially a doubling program like our FoodStampsX2 program) benefits the farmers at local farmers markets much more directly, in addition to diversifying the food options of the low income members of our community. Please tell Rep. McGovern thanks for his hard work to preserve SNAP at his office on Pleasant Street or in an email. 

Now, if you're looking for summer cooking inspiration, Deanna Cook, our visiting cookbook author, will be at market again this week with small samples to taste and recipes for you to take home and try for yourselves, packed full of seasonal market ingredients. Welcome back, Deanna!Deanna Cook

Here’s a sneak peek:

Fish Tacos!  Deanna will share a recipe card for fish tacos using the wonderful fish from Berkshore. 

Salsa Fresca and Chipotle Slaw: Learn how to make a fresh salsa and an easy Mexican inspired coleslaw as additions to the tacos.

Vanilla Maple Pudding with Fresh Blueberries: Yes, the sweet, ripe blueberries are in season! Learn how to make a simple summertime dessert.

And if your kids like to cook or if you are a kid (meaning under 18 here) and you like to cook and make up your own recipes, Deanna, in collaboration with CISA, is hosting a kids recipe contest this month. You could be featured in Deanna's next cookbook if you win!

Finally, there will be great Irish fiddle tunes this week from Kira Jewett and Friends. Come dance a jig.

See you there!

Posted 7/15/2013 4:18pm by Grow Food Northampton.

tuesday market banner

Hey Market Friends --

It seems like every year about this time, some hot days roll through our valley. When I go back through market records, I find "hottest day of the year" scrawled on papers just about every mid-July. So here we go. 

Our musicians have said they're bringing their fans (both people and appliances). This week they are The Witt Sisters -- you might know Mary Witt as the singer from the awesome local band The O'Tones. Her sister Elise Witt from Atlanta will be joining her this week -- a singer in her own right.

Our farmers will have their cold sprayers of water ready to keep the vegetables spry -- ask them for a spray if you want one. Our purveyors of cold drinks (Try the Rhubarb drink over at Bug Hill!) and shaved ices and ice pops will be ready to cool you down. Our neighboring shade trees have space for you under them.

park hill black raspberries

Come get raspberries or blueberries for your smoothies. Cheese for your bread. Granola for your mornings. Crisp hard cider for your evenings. Come eat a pizza dinner.

And get ready for next week, July 23rd. Deanna Cook will be back and ready to show us all how to make some more delicious dishes with farmers market food.

P.S. It's taken a few false starts, but for real, this week Queen Bee Cupcakery will be at market with raspberry lemon cupcakes and a couple other flavors. And it's Bear Root Herb Farm's last market until a couple in October. So if you've been hankering to get some plants in your containers or your garden, this is your moment.

park hill raspberry sign

Posted 7/8/2013 6:47pm by Grow Food Northampton.

Hey Tuesday Market Friends --

park hill berries

It's hot, right? Okay, maybe not for you southern transplants but for us northern wimps, it is. And when it's hot, fruit ripens and gets sweet and full of sunshine. This week, we welcome back Park Hill Orchard with their delicious raspberries and blueberries to truly welcome in the sweet heat of summer. Their boxes of mixed berries are so beautiful, too, it makes you want to take a picture.

Also this week, we have a couple of special guests: Ben Clark of Clarkdale Farm in Deerfield makes a cameo appearance with his sour cherries at the Beaumont's Berries stand, and Sarah from Apex Orchards will be at market as long as her first round of apricots last. Come early.

If you come to market for the entertainment, the Ephemeral String Band will be there doing one of their favorite things -- playing music outside. And Harvest Made will come with their awesome and funny silkscreened clothing and cards (check out this picture).

Need some cooking ideas for a hot night? We've been cutting a heart of romaine lettuce in half and either quickly grilling it or keeping it cool and turning it into a caesar or regular salad. Here's Martha's version.

And we had an awesome Tuesday Market meal the other night for all of you that want to meet the challenge of making a meal from ingredients from 8 different vendors and are looking for ideas. Lamb kabobs from Leyden Glen marinated in a little Noiret from Black Birch (plus wine in our glasses, too). Thinly sliced and roasted beets. Onion and Zucchini and Cherry Tomato kabobs. A big salad with Hosta Hill Crimson Kraut on top. Okay, so that's probably 6 vendors...

Just like last year, if you bring someone new to Tuesday Market during the rest of the month of July, come introduce them to us at the purple market tent, and we'll give YOU a $5 token to spend at market and ask them to sign up for our mailing list. Thanks for being our awesome word spreaders!

See you at market!

jenna with cheese

Ask Jenna why the Cricket Creek butter is so amazingly yellow!

town farm raspberries on the cane

Ready to pick and eat Town Farm raspberries

Posted 7/1/2013 11:37am by Grow Food Northampton.

Hi Friends –alex

Summer is kicking into high gear at market this week, just in time for your July 4th festivities. The first raspberries & green beans make their appearance. Beets and carrots are as perfect as they get. Cucumbers, summer squash, and zucchini in abundance. Outrageously beautiful flowers, and heads of lettuce as big as a 1980s hairdo. And we even have a bunch of pastured-raised meat for your grill, including goat meat from Sangha Farm. Ground & stew, sweet italian & breakfast sausage. If you haven't tried goat, go talk to Derek and he'll tell you all about how delicious and easy to cook it is.

So where else can your pop give you a shopping list for the week's vegetables and then watch you from a relaxed distance while you accomplish your appointed tasks? Here's Alex, age 4, of Mockingbird Farm, getting some domestic duties taken care of while Pete holds down the stand. And I'm sure Pete would be more than happy to customize your shopping list with some graphics as well, if you need a visual or two.He'll also sell you some really good chicken.


Hey Devon from Beaumont's Berries, welcome back to market! (And if you haven't yet tried any of Devon's Jam, go check it out.)

This week we welcome the folk, Americana, roots duo Jenn Rawling & Basho Parks to market. They're on tour from Portland, OR, and we consider ourselves extremely lucky that they've decided to stop by, say hello, and play us a set or two. They are great! (They're playing a house party and Adam & Liz's on Wednesday, too. You can find out more at market.)

Now, we generally relegate politics (particularly political campaigns) to the edge of the market, but when your congressman emails and says he wants to put out a table and listen to people's problems, we say, Right-O, come on over. (OK, it'll be Jim McGovern's staff, not the representative himself, and they generally only want to hear about problems related to the federal government, as opposed to how you overcooked last week's broccoli, but still, pretty cool, right?)

OK. That's all. See you at market. Rain or shine. Of course. 

new england wild ediblesWish I could remember the name of this really cool mushroom from New England Wild Edibles
HostaTwo jars a week in our household! Hosta Hill's extraordinary Crimson Kraut
slideThanks to Christa Joy and this dude for a great show last week!
rainWhat we do after market. Play in the rain!

Posted 6/24/2013 2:25pm by Grow Food Northampton.

Hi Friends –

What a gas it was to briefly have the Hootenanny Singers at market last week! Thanks Nerissa and all you kiddos out there. This week we welcome musician Christa Joy to market. Come check her out. A sunny day in late June is a bit of a hectic time for a farmer (understatement), so rather than get all wordy on you, I'm going to put up a bunch of pictures and get back to it. See you at market!


bug hill

old friends


Old Friends

Mabel gets/helps pack(ed) up


black birch


Tuesday Market is located next to the parking garage in downtown Northampton. We are open from 1:30-6:30. Here is our website, where you can sign up for this newsletter.

If you want to know whether a particular vendor will be at market this week, feel free to call or text Ben at 413 262 5489.


(Tell your friends! Tell your grandmother! Here's our website where you can sign up for this newsletter.)

Posted 6/16/2013 8:31pm by Grow Food Northampton.

Hi Friends – El Jardin

It's a not-to-miss market this week, as asparagus makes its final appearance of the season, and as the sugarsnaps, beets, and tomatoes begin to show their colorful selves. Now's the time when an entire meal from top-to-bottom and side-to-side can be composed of ingredients only from market, so here's the Late-June Tuesday Market Challenge:

Make a meal using ingredients from eight or more Tuesday Market vendors. Let us know what you made and which vendors the ingredients came from. Send us some pictures (if you can), including your friends or family and yourself enjoying the feast. Do all this, and we'll provide you with a $10 gift of Tuesday Market tokens to use with any vendor you like. Get a bonus $5 in tokens if you only use market ingredients (well, maybe a little salt & pepper, if you need to).

Have fun!

Ansel Blue Design Studios joins us this week.

Fior D'Italia is back.

Cupcakes from Queen Bee Cupcakery.

Teas and preparations from Simple Abundance Herbals.

And welcome back to our dear friends The Ephemeral String Band!

Old Friends

Multi-colored Carrots from Old Friends Farm


Gluten-Free Pancake Mix from Justamere Tree Farm

Town Farm

Beets and Cucumbers from Town Farm


Tuesday Market is located next to the parking garage in downtown Northampton. We are open from 1:30-6:30. Here is our website, where you can sign up for this newsletter.

If you want to know whether a particular vendor will be at market this week, feel free to call or text Ben at 413 262 5489.


(Tell your friends! Tell your grandmother! Here's our website where you can sign up for this newsletter.)


Posted 6/10/2013 3:34pm by Grow Food Northampton.

Hi Friends –spring rolls

What a wonderful market we had last week! Thanks again to Deanna Cook for showing so many of us how to make spring rolls. If you missed the demo, we'll have plenty of recipes at the market tent, plus other great seasonal recipes, including Unmi Abkin's famous Honey Miso Noodle Salad!

As you know, Tuesday Market is dedicated to making good food accessible to people of all incomes. Our FoodStampsX2 program DOUBLES the value of our customers SNAP benefits (up to $10 each week). This week, a representative from the Food Bank of Western MA will be at market from 3-5, assisting people in filling out applications to receive SNAP benefits. Come by for more info, or if you're interested but can't make it to market, check out the website here.

As you also know, Tuesday Market is a rain-or-shine affair. So far this season we've ended up on the shine side of the spectrum, which means you haven't yet had the opportunity to see how truly gorgeous market is in the rain. People socializing under canopies and umbrellas, the beets and carrots glistening and wet, music under the tent. And tomorrow it looks like you may get your chance to steep yourself in this wonderful experience. Don't miss out. Really.

Leyden Glen is brimming with spring lamb! Stop by to pick up juicy lamb butterflied lambchops, a butterflied leg for grilling, or some stew meat. Check out the recipe page on their website for a selection of their favorite ways to cook lamb. The photo is of a grilled butterflied leg of lamb with a delicious chimichurri sauce. Easy and quick. Find the recipe here.

This week we welcome the band PAINT to market. Grade-A-fancy-indie-soul from some recent PVPA grads, who have a gig this Friday at the Iron Horse.

That's all, except some pictures. See you at market!

crimson and clover

Arugula (and Nate) from Crimson & Clover Farm


Good Times with the Ephemeral String Band

Deanna Cook

Spring Rolls by Deanna Cook

Posted 6/2/2013 8:42pm by Grow Food Northampton.
Hi Friends!

Come to market this week and meet our visiting cookbook author, Deanna Cook. She’s written dozens of cookbooks for families and kids and knows how to keep things simple in the kitchen. There’s a lot of good food and flavors (carrots! strawberries! lettuce! cilantro!) at this week’s market that she’ll use in her cooking demonstrations at 3pm and 5pm. So come on by with the kids and say hello. Don’t forget to grab a recipe card.

Here’s a sneak peek:spring rolls

Eat Your Greens! Deanna will share 3 simple salad dressings the whole family will love. The kids can help shake ‘em up and design their own salad bottle labels. Plus, stop by to learn more about some of the greens for sale at this week’s market.

Spring Rolls: Keep tonight’s dinner local – and serve this no-cook Vietnamese inspired dish that celebrates the season.

Dipped Fruit for Dessert: Yes, the strawberries are here! Roll up your sleeves and help Deanna hull the berries and dip them in crème fraiche and shaved chocolate for a simple, no-cook dessert.

Deanna will also be on call for questions: need help figuring out what to cook tonight? Just stop by her stand at the center of market and ask!


Hey, it doesn't get more local than a salad grown just up the Mill River, just off of Spring Street, right here in town. Returning to market this week is Northampton's own Crimson & Clover Farm. Welcome back Nate & Jen (& Noah!).

Pete at Mockingbird Farm has his first batch of 2013 pasture-raised, heirloom-breed chickens ready for purchase over at his stand. Anyone who's had one of Pete's birds knows that you cannot find a more delicious, healthful chicken anywhere.

And I think now is a good moment to mention Tuesday Market's most exciting event of the year. It's months away (September 12th to be exact), but our annual PIE CONTEST is the most astronomical gastronimcal party in the valley, and I know that many of you will want to be rprepared for it.  A winning pie needs winning fruit. Freeze some Tuesday Market strawberries in June and cook up that extraordinary pie in September.

I also mention the pie contest now because we are seeking a volunteer coordinator for this awesome event. Are you friendly and organized and available to help out for a couple hours a week during the months of July, August, and the first half of September? Boy could we use your assistance. Shoot us an email or come say Hi to oona under the lavender market tent.

At least four farms here at market grow Hakurei turnips (a.k.a. "salad turnips" or "tokyo turnips"), the underground rock band of the vegetable world, worshipped by a dedicated following but never fully breaking into the mainstream. We love them. Eat them raw, or if you want to cook them, here is a favorite recipe.

And! Welcome! Back! To! The! Ephemeral! String! Band!


Strawberries from Town Farm


Shiitake Logs from New England Wild Ediblesspring rolls

Spring Rolls by Deanna Cook

See you at market!



Tuesday Market is located next to the parking garage in downtown Northampton. We are open from 1:30-6:30. Here is our website, where you can sign up for this newsletter.

If you want to know whether a particular vendor will be at market this week, feel free to call or text Ben at 413 262 5489.


(Tell your friends! Tell your grandmother! Here's our website where you can sign up for this newsletter.)


Posted 5/27/2013 12:48pm by Grow Food Northampton.

Dear Friends –

Every year you see them. The week following Memorial Day. They wander the streets of Northampton on Wednesday morning, dazed, perhaps a bit agitated. They will not make eye contact or return a simple Hello. You can see them trying to shake it, trying to pep themselves up, but even after a third or fourth cup of coffee they cannot get rid of the feeling. If only... If only...  They are the DRIWTBOMDs, and even though you may feel sorry for them, you should not let yourself become one of them. They are the people who Didn't Remember It Was Tuesday Because Of Memorial Day, and they are a sad bunch. More than a few have cried on my own arm.

Of course, they were crying because they missed Tuesday Market, just as the early summer harvest was coming in. Head lettuce, chard, salad turnips, cucumbers, cilantro, summer garlic, kale, bok choi, radishes, salad mix and STRAWBERRIES. Oh dear. In the end there is no cure for the melancholy of the DRIWTBOMD. Prevention is the only remedy, and the best way to prevent an occurence is to tell everyone you know that they should remind you to make your way over to Tuesday Market on Tuesday afternoon. bear root

10,000 Villages (on Main Street) has been a supporter of Tuesday Market since we first opened. This week – in honor of Fair Trade Month – Karen from 10,000 Villages will be at market giving out FREE CHOCOLATE from Equal Exchange. Welcome, Karen!

I used to think that Tuesday wasn't a day that people think about their gardens. That was before I understood that gardeners are always – always – thinking about their gardens. Each season our market offers a more impressive array of annuals & perennials for your well-loved patch of earth. Check out Bear Root Herb Farm, Enterprise Farm, Crabapple Farm, and Old Friends Farm, where the growers will be happy to answer any questions you have.


And make sure to plan ahead for NEXT week, when Deanna Cook – Tuesday Market's visiting chef for 2013 – will be joining us at market to demonstrate the making of a few early summer recipes. Deanna is a cookbook author and chef who specializes in making food with (and for) kids and families (check out this video about her, made at Tuesday Market). She'll be setting up at market at least a couple times this season, and she's available to answer questions and offer advice on how to make the most of fresh, local food when cooking for your entire family.

It's no secret that Tuesday Market likes kids. We go out of our way to make them happy. The reason Tuesday Market likes kids is because kids are small and weird and they make friends easily.  Tuesday Market is also small and weird! Tuesday Market also makes friends easily! That is why we like children. And that is why we'd like to welcome our newest arts intern to market. Sarah Jane will be leading kid's art project this summer, and she got off to a great start last week with a whole squad of flower-makers. She's back this week for more! Stop by and say hello.












Posted 5/20/2013 12:11pm by Grow Food Northampton.

Hey Everyone–

My favorite moment from last week's market was when a girl about eight years old walked by me saying, to no one in particular, "Oh my God, everyone I know is here. Everyone!"western woods

I think she speaks for a lot of us, adults and kids alike. Market really is the place to be on Tuesday afternoons. Well, all of us vendors would like to say a big thanks to each of you for getting the market off to such a great start this spring. What a blast! What a pleasure it is to be in your company every Tuesday!

Today I'd like to introduce you to a few of the market's newest vendors.

I'll start with coffee artist Patrick McCaughey of Western Woods Coffee. I don't throw the word artist around all the time, but Patrick fits the bill on a number of counts, including the fact that he's completely obsessive about every detail of his hand-made operation. Here's a recent article about him. Come on down and try one of your own custom-brewed cups from Western Woods!

Also new at market this season are two food artisans who want to make yourfior d'italia dinner-table sing. Fior D-Italia Pasta & Cheese makes small batches of fresh pasta, ravioli, gnocci, and more.

When not at Tuesday Market, Maxwell & Lauren of Chanterelle-To-Go can be found in their food truck on Main Street, Northampton, among other locations. At market they offer frozen, pre-cooked, gourmet meals like Spring Risoto and Thai Green Curry, to name a few. Eat well. Eat easy. Eat local. All at the same time.

Finally, I'd like to welcome Alissa Williams of Williams Farm in Deerfield to Tuesday Market. We've been trying for years to bring a dedicated asparagus vendor to market. Alissa is great, and she'll be with at market for as long as asparagus season lasts.

Huge thanks to The Rambling Kind for brightening our mid-May afternoon last week. This week we'll be joined by Peter Blanchette, guitar virtuoso and director of the Happy Valley Guitar Orchestra. Click here to see a video of the whole orchestra at market last fall. And welcome back, Peter!

Nancy Howard Art & Design will be showing and selling her hand-made planters and terrariums. Please stop by and check them out.

See you at market!


Lilacs from Old Friends Farm

Crabapple Farm

Squash starts from Crabapple Farm

Rambling Kind

2/5ths of The Rambling Kind, who'll return later this summer!


1/2 of Wes, of BerkShore

El Jardin

El Jardin Bakery

Williams Farm

Alissa from Williams Farm


Tuesday Market is located next to the parking garage in downtown Northampton. We are open from 1:30-6:30. Here is our website, where you can sign up for this newsletter.

If you want to know whether a particular vendor will be at market this week, feel free to call or text Ben at 413 262 5489.


(Tell your friends! Tell your grandmother! Here's our website where you can sign up for this newsletter.)

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