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Posted 4/15/2014 8:40pm by Tuesday Market.



Hello Friends –

All winter we watched the snow accumulate upon our wonderful market plaza, and all spring we've been wondering whether the pile would actually melt in time for our first market. It's not that we don't love snow, of course, but the layer of concentrated grime visible yesterday on the top of the knee-high pile hardly felt like a new beginning. Well I'm happy to report that today's rain finally took care of it, and a week from today – on Tuesday, April 22nd – our new season starts! Your favorite vendors (plus a few new ones). Your favorite musicians (plus a few new ones). All of us thrilled to see you so soon!

This winter I had the pleasure of working with Nicole DeBarber of the Beehive Design Collective up in Maine. When Nicole took on the project of illustrating this year's market poster, we started with the idea of a great horned owl in flight, with scenes from our market tucked into the spread of the wings. I described Tuesday Market to her. I sent pictures of the Holyoke Range and downtown Northampton. And through draft after draft the poster took shape, until finally it felt as if we had this year's market – in all of its wildness and weirdness and poise – set down on paper, an early version of all the goodness that's to come.  So here's a huge thanks to Nicole for her artistry. You can click on the image above to see the poster closer up. And bring your kids to opening day, where they'll get a chance to color one of the posters themselves to hang on your fridge.

This season we are committing to producing less waste at Tuesday Market! I'll tell you about our new recycling and compost trailer in next week's newsletter. Right now I have a question. Who among you loyal Tuesday Marketers would like to get together for a bag-making party for our new bag-share program? And who among you might like to host such a party? (Anyone who hosts gets a 10% discount at the market all season long!). What better way to start off the season than by helping to eliminate the need for plastic shopping bags at market? Please let us know if you're interested.

That's all for now. Make sure to remind all your friends that market starts next Tuesday. We can't wait to see you there!


 melting pile


Posted 11/11/2013 3:21pm by Tuesday Market.


tuesday market banner

Hey Market Friends --

This is the last hurrah for 2013 -- and what an amazingly bountiful last hurrah it is this year. There is so much food and other good stuff at market right now. 

Including Gold Rush apples newly arrived last week. The word on the street about them is that they are amazing storage apples so if you've got a cool dark basement, you can store some away and they will only get sweeter with time. Right now they have a hint of concord grape flavor. And if you stop by Park Hill's stand where they are bountiful, you can also grab some hot cider and cast your vote to help resolve the family apple feud. Goldrush or Fuji?

Also if you come to market this week, stop by Justamere Tree Farm and get a free maple candy as a thank you for a great market season.

Bug Hill will be back with a great multi-purpose reusable gift box. It's a traditional cedar seedling box with Bug Hill preserves and paperwhite bulbs in it. It also comes with instructions to plant the paperwhite bulbs in the box for the winter. And come spring, you can get some seeds going in it early as "Maine hortoculturists have been doing for decades."

I can't believe that Mockingbird's turkeys aren't totally sold out yet. If I didn't have an enormous turkey in my chest freezer that we raised a couple years ago, this is where I would get my turkey. Pete says he has about 30 left and that number is probably smaller after the Saturday market last weekend. Get your turkey from someone you know!

Finally, check out Yard Birds cozy alpaca socks and felted inserts for boots. Who doesn't need something warm this time of year?

Many of you asked last week about the winter market -- in fact, so many of you asked that Niki said that the Northampton winter market manager Andrew Lacasse should have been standing at our market tent answering questions. Winter markets are awesome and we are incredibly lucky to have 4 in our 3 county area that run all winter long. Many of our vendors will show up at one of these markets this winter so go search them out. 

Northampton Winter Market opens this Saturday the 16th -- the location has changed from the Clarke School and will most likely be at Smith Vocational High School. Questions? Email nohowintermarket@gmail.com.

Amherst Winter Market opens Saturday December 7th and runs every week -- 10-2 at the Amherst Regional Middle School -- the outdoor Amherst Saturday market ends on November 23rd.

Greenfield Winter Market runs once a month 10-1 at Greenfield High School. It will be the 2nd Saturday in December and from there on out the first Saturday of every month.

Finally, the Springfield Winter Market that's normally on Tuesdays switches to Saturdays and runs 2nd and 4th Saturdays 10-2 in Forest Park Monkey House in the winter. 

You will also find goods from our vendors at River Valley Market.

Thank you all for supporting Tuesday Market all season long! We look forward to seeing you in April again or around town during the winter.

If you've been using your SNAP benefits at market this season, we ask that you please use all your tokens up by the end of market tomorrow. This makes a big difference in terms of bookkeeping and our ability to know how much money we need to raise next season to double SNAP. Thanks!

And if you donated to the FoodStampsX2 campaign and are waiting on a perk, they will get to you by early December. Thanks for your patience.

Below are some "best of" photos from this season.

brothers with shaved ice

Brothers and shaved ice

bring your mustache to market

Bring a mustache and a superhero to market

boy and strawberries


market scene

Market Scene

tuesday market kids

Market Kids



most beautiful pie

Most Beautiful Pie

alex's shopping list

Alex's list

deanna cook

Deanna Cook getting ready to get people cooking

end of market rainstorm

Packing up in a rainstorm

See you in the spring!

Posted 11/4/2013 4:12pm by Tuesday Market.

tuesday market banner

Hey Market Friends --

Just 2 more weeks of the market season! Wondering what we do when it gets dark at 5 pm? We're still there until 6:30 looking like this.

little lights on stand

This is your moment to grab some great things for your Thanksgiving table or gifts or good things to store away in your kitchen after the market is done. 

Here's my short list (okay it's not really short) of favorite market items that I want mostly for myself but will also share with other people (because they're so good):

Cider Syrup from Carr's Cider -- delicious syrup and beautiful bottle and graphics, too.

Riesling from Black Birch (red wine makes my cheeks turn red) -- also check out the video they made of pressing grapes and making wine this fall.

Maple Sugar and Grade B Maple Syrup from Justamere -- I also love giving brooms for presents.

Peach Jam with Lemon Balm from Chanterelle, if they still have some -- if not, I'd try another jam.

Chaga Latte (I think that's what it's called) from NE England Wild Edibles to drink like chai -- this is Paul's last week at market so go grab it!

A pound of scallops from Berkshore to put in my freezer and make a quick awesome meal from deep in the winter.

Ginger Libation from Artisan Beverage Cooperative to add to a hard cider from Carr's for a great warming drink.

Plus a bunch of ginger and turmeric from Old Friends to stick in my freezer and then grate into any dish I want -- you don't even need to peel it.

Carrots from Town Farm because they'll keep in my fridge for weeks and weeks and are the sweetest things ever.

Potatoes and Shallots and other roots from Enterprise to store in a cool dark place for months.

El Jardin Granola -- some of the best around.

Cricket Creek grass fed butter to freeze and savor when there's snow and ice everywhere.

Beaumont's Berries Raspberry Blueberry or Nectarine Blueberry Jam -- Yum.

Pork Sausage from Mockingbird to make awesome Korean and Thai inspired food (remember you can also order your Thanksgiving Turkey from here, too).

Kimchi from Hosta Hill to go with above Korean food.

Lamb chops (grass fed!) from Leyden Glen -- also check out this winter squash and lamb stew recipe that they just created.

Spitzenburg, Macoun and Honeycrisp apples and maybe some more bags of 2nds apples to make applesauce with from Apex along with some Pine Hill Cider.

Whatever apple has the best homemade artistic sign at Park Hill Orchards.

A big old jar of Summer Wildflower Honey from Red Barn Honey to keep colds and sore throats at bay.

crabapple beans and wheat

Yarn and Dry Beans from Crabapple to make a hat and a chili in the slow cooker.

Any ravioli from Fior D'Italia for another easy meal.

My last Sangha Farm goat cheese truffle of the season -- Pumpkin Spice if they've got it.

My last pizza of the season to be eaten right on the premises from Laughing Tomato.

And maybe my first cup of Western Woods Coffee ever but I'm not sure because coffee makes me crazy and stay-up-all-night creative and I've heard his is the real deal.

Bug Hill will not be at market this week but back next week with their awesome wooden boxes filled with Bug Hill goodies -- perfect for gifts.

The Northampton Winter Market will open Saturday, November 16th at the Clarke School for the Deaf's Gymnasium off Round Hill Rd., Northampton. 9-2pm every Saturday through April. Several of our vendors will be there including (but not limited to) Mockingbird Farm, Apex Orchards, Crabapple Farm and more.

See you at market!

Posted 10/28/2013 12:42pm by Tuesday Market.

tuesday market banner

Hey Market Friends --

3 more fabulous weeks of market to go with new products still arriving at market each week. The last market of the season will be November 12th. We've had an incredible stretch of frost-free, sunny warm weather this fall that has made for a longer season for vegetable growers so come enjoy the bounty. Or come and listen to Justin Eck play music and keep your hands warm around a Western Woods cup of coffee. Or think ahead to the upcoming holidays and gather up gifts and treats.

Here's a quick list of what's special right now:

Fior D'Italia has beet and winter squash ravioli.

Mockingbird Farm is doing pre-orders of amazing heritage breed Thanksgiving turkeys humanely raised on pasture.

carr's ciderhouse

Carr's Ciderhouse has cider syrup and cider vinegar -- brand new products at market the next couple weeks.

Town Farm has big stalks of Brussels Sprouts.

Yard Birds (a new vendor for these last 3 weeks of market) has beeswax body care products and alpaca wool products.

It's Crimson and Clover's last week at market for the season! Come gather up some roots from them for great roasted roots dishes or for beet and carrot juice making.

If I haven't nabbed you to sign a petition to support small, beginning and oganic farmers in the face of the new food safety modernization act, hopefully I'll find you this week. If you've been meaning to write a letter to the FDA, now is the time. November 15th is the deadline. If you've written a letter to the FDA, but don't know where to send it, bring it to me at the market tent. I'll make sure it gets to the right place.

See you at market!

Posted 10/21/2013 2:47pm by Tuesday Market.

tuesday market banner
Hi Market Friends --

There's nothing I love more than jars full of beautiful colors stacked on my pantry shelves. I stand and stare at them and get excited about the winter when I will eat my honeyed apricots and applesauce and paste tomatoes and sour cherry jam. Jars full of color are also having their time at the market right now and want to go home to your pantry shelves or be stored away for holiday gifts. 

nectarine blue

My boys and I love this Nectarine Blueberry jam from Beaumont's Berries (LS means low sugar).

rosehip jelly

Ellen from Bug Hill Farm keeps coming up with new amazing products. Rosehip Jelly, Really Red Syrup and Cranberry Ginger Syrup are hot off the presses.

My other passion at market right now is Food Safety Regulations. The comment period for these rules, which will significantly impact small-scale and organic and beginning vegetable farmers, lasts until early November. Here's the skinny on them and what you can do. 

Two years ago, President Obama passed the Food Safety Regulations which then became part of the FDA. These regulations were in response to outbreaks in fresh produce -- remember spinach and jalapenos and more. All of that is a good thing except that the rules that they've created would disproportionately effect small, organic and beginning farmers. Please consider signing this petition that CISA has created or, even better, write a letter to the FDA. Here's instructions to guide you through letter writing whether you're a consumer or a farmer. We need to comment so that these rules are revised and become more supportive of the awesome local agriculture that we all love and rely on around here. I will have a table at market again this week with more information and letter writing supplies.

Finally, there's a great band, Littlest Birds, this week. We've been listening to their CD's for months. Cello and banjo and great harmonies. They're west coasters out here on tour. What a treat.

See you at market!

red barn honey

Check out Red Barn Honey's darker Summer Wildflower Honey this week

chanterelle's jars

Chanterelle's Jars of Many Things

park hill apple family feud

Park Hill's Family Feud



Posted 10/14/2013 11:14am by Tuesday Market.

tuesday market banner

Hey Market Friends --

Thank you all so much for contributing to our FoodStampsX2 program and for spreading the word about it over the past month. Special special thanks to Sarah Buttenwieser for tirelessly helping with the campaign. We raised an amazing $9065 through Indiegogo with more small and larger donations made right at market! And last week, we had the most SNAP transactions at market that we've ever had. If you missed the campaign, but still want to give -- come by the market tent or write a check out to Tuesday Market and mail it to Tuesday Market, 1 Venturers Field Rd., Northampton, MA 01060. If you want your gift to be tax-deductible, reply to this email, and we'll give you the details.

One great story I heard: A regular market customer gave to the campaign and then was volunteering at the Northampton Survival Center a couple weeks later and heard people raving about the FoodStampsX2 program at the market. She was so excited that she gave again.

5 more weeks of market!

Are you ready for some cider slushies this week?


Or just plain awesome cider from Park Hill?

park hill cider

Or cauliflower to roast?

town farm cauliflower

Or celeriac to soup or make remoulade (one of my grandmother's favorite dishes)?

celery root crabapple

Or some tunes from local great Carrie Ferguson and friends?

Well, they will all be there.

Thanks to Catalyst Dance Company from PVPA for the dance appetizers last week, too. 

catalyst dancers

catalyst dancers take 2

And one last thing: For the next 3 weeks, I will have materials and information for people to write comments to the FDA about the upcoming Food Safety Guidelines which could dramatically impact small farms in our area. I will say more next week, but feel free to come ask me questions this week. Here are 3 organizations working hard to get these rules changed to work better for small and beginning farmers: CISA, National Young Farmer Coalition, and National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition. They all have links with more info and some have sample letters ready to go.

See you at market!





Posted 9/30/2013 4:03pm by Tuesday Market.

tuesday market banner

Hey Market Friends --

Ben and I headed to Ithaca, NY this weekend on our now annual farmers market R&D(research and development) trip. The Ithaca Farmers Market is 40 years old and more than 3 times as big as our market and inspiring. They have an amazing open-air, 3-season structure that was put up in 1989 largely with vendor labor and using local, rough-cut lumber. We got to taste and bring home some of the latest apple varieties just out of Cornell's Apple Program from Black Diamond Orchard -- look out for Crimson Crisp and Snapdragon in the future. And the vegetable growers out there are top-notch and know how to display their produce beautifully -- the size of the garlic bulbs was impressive. We were also inspired by their zero-waste iniative and plan to implement some new strategies next year.

And yet along with all that, they do the same amount of SNAP/Food Stamps business at their market that we do at our market every year. That reminded us again how significant our FoodStampsX2 program is. There's one week left to contribute to our Indiegogo campaign and to spread to the word about it to people you know in Northampton or beyond who care about good food being for everyone. Thanks to all of you who have already given so generously!


Some photos from market last week:

Chanterelle's Goodies

Lauren and Her Jams and Other Goodies

Susan from Sawmill with Herbs

Susan from Sawmill with Medicinal Herb Bunches


Dancing to the Farewells!

Pumpkin Head

Pumpkin Head!

See you at market!

Posted 9/23/2013 3:01pm by Tuesday Market.

tuesday market banner

Hey Friends --

It's fall! The nights are chilly. The days are mostly warm and sunny (amazingly). Market keeps going until NOVEMBER 12th this year so don't let that weather fool you into thinking that it's time to be inside. Winter squash is back to make all kinds of yummy dishes from. We've been liking squash pancakes and squash lasagna and squash smoothies. If you've never tried a Delicata Squash before, grab one this week. They are sweet like candy, and you can eat the yellow and green skin along with the flesh.

winter squash

What else is in store?

Boston-based The Farewells will play music. Sawmill Farm will be back with their medicinal herb bunches. Taproot Threads will be back with their beautiful clothes with plant designs. Bug Hill will have raspberries. Paul will have amazing mushrooms. And Town Farm's 7 year old family member, Silas James, will be at market with pumpkins from his garden.

We're more than a third of the way to our goal of raising $15,000 for FoodStampsX2 for next season thanks to many of you! We just have 2 more weeks left in our campaign. Help us get to $6,500 by the end of this week by contributing or spreading the word. Any amount, really, any amount, gets us closer.


See you at market!


denise and zapatista

Last week, we had paintings of amazing global women heroes at market made by Denise Beaudet. This one stands for all the Zapatista women in Mexico.

Posted 9/16/2013 2:20pm by Tuesday Market.

tuesday market banner

Hey Market Friends --

Thanks for a great Pie Contest last week! We raised about $1600 to support our FoodStampsX2 Program at the market which, along with generous donations from businesses, will allow us to keep doubling SNAP benefits for the rest of this market season!

In case you were wondering who actually won the contests, here's the short list.

First place in the Most Beautiful Pie category went to Abby Rieser with this amazing hand-cut Apple Tart.

1st place most beautiful pie

And here's Abby holding it.

Abby and her tart

First place in the Best Gluten Free Pie category went to Alex Fisher for her Chocolate Tofu Silk Pie.

First Place in the Best Pie Made by a Kid (under 13) went to Jaden, Caelen, and Nolen Finnie fore their Apple Pie.

And finally, first place in the Best Pie category went to Anne McGarry for her Raspberry-Blackberry Pie. Anne is a Hampshire College student from Chapel Hill, NC who showed up at the end of market to collect her pie dish completely surprised that she'd won.

37 pies were made and entered and every last slice was eaten. The morning downpour of rain didn't keep you all away. For more Pie Contest photos, go to our Facebook page.

We had awesome volunteers especially Risa Silverman for being volunteer coordinator extraordinaire; Sarah Buttenwieser and Jennifer Jacobsen for working with all the judges and behind the scenes to make it all happen; Mary Cowhey for being an amazing ongoing supporter of the FoodStampsX2 program in so many ways; members of the Key Club from Northampton High School for serving out lots of pie and more of you.

Our judges were also great and thorough and poetic. Special thanks to Stephen Kulik for being a stalwart supporter of farmers and agriculture and for judging Best Pie. Here he is saying how great our food stamps doubling program is because it increases people's buying power at the market.

stephen kulik speaking to the crowd

If you missed the contest and you still want to contribute to our FoodStampsX2 program or if you had a great time at the contest and want to help more, here's the link to our Indiegogo Campaign. We are raising funds to support the program through all of next year and have great market products to thank you for your contribution. 

Now onto this week! So much beautiful food at market and the perfect weather for cooking and stewing and baking and preserving.

We will have Mary Witt from the O'Tones singing and playing with Annie Patterson of Rise Up Singing fame. And local artist Denise Beaudet will be bringing one of her life sized portraits of a woman changemaker along with postcards and smaller prints of the big piece. Could be this one of Chouchou Namegabe.

See you there!

kids with their pie

Who knew that 6 kids could make a pie?

Posted 9/10/2013 9:45am by Tuesday Market.

tuesday market banner

Hey Market Friends --

We're here! Pie Contest is tomorrow. If you're entering a pie, please drop it off between 1 and 2:30 -- yes, you can have someone else drop it off for you and, yes, you can drop it off a little earlier than that if you absolutely need to and yes, if you can't get your pie there by then, bring it later. It won't be entered in the contest necessarily, but it will get eaten! Remember to bring a list of ingredients. If you're planning on coming and just eating pie, pie and Herrell's ice cream serving starts at 3:00, but you can buy your tickets starting around 2 pm. A slice of pie is $5 -- ice cream is an additional $1.

We're excited to give out great market prizes to our winners -- Best Pie gets 1 pound of Cricket Creek's amazing butter along with a pizza of your choice from Laughing Tomato, a dozen eggs from Mockingbird, $15 of produce from Crimson and Clover and a cordial from Bug Hill Farm. We're excited to give a honey stick to every kid that enters a pie. We're excited to have State Rep. Stephen Kulik judging Best Pie. We're excited to raise money to keep our FoodStampsX2 program going. We're excited to hear the Rambling Kind play wonderful bluegrass tunes. We're excited to see all of you enjoying yourselves. We're excited to see the amazing pie creations of our community.

And don't forget that this is amazing harvest time as well -- the market is overflowing with incredible food.

Thank you to all of you who have given generously to our FoodStampsX2 Indiegogo campaign. We have almost raised $3,000 of our $15,000 goal in the past week! Please keep spreading the word and give if you can. Also if you would like to make a tax-deductible donation, come ask us for details about that at the market tent. 


People have started to ask how late in the year Tuesday Market goes -- just so you know, NOVEMBER 12th is the last market day this year. Still plenty of time all fall to get delicious food.

See you tomorrow!

fresh cheese from cricket creek

Delicious Fresh Cheese from Cricket Creek Farm

park hill apples

Park Hill's Gorgeous Apples and Signs (made my first applesauce of the season today!)



Tuesday Market in Flight!April 15th, 2014

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  Hey Market Friends -- This is the last hurrah for 2013 -- and what an amazingly bountiful last hurrah it is this year. There is so much food and other good stuff at market right now.  Inc

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Hey Market Friends -- Just 2 more weeks of the market season! Wondering what we do when it gets dark at 5 pm? We're still there until 6:30 looking like this. This is your moment to grab some great

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Reisling and Chardonel from Black Birch Vineyard

Goat Cheese Truffles from Sangha Farm

Prepared Food from Bistro Les Gras

Herbal Honey and Ghee from Goldthread Organic Herb Farm & Apothecary

This spring's Maple Syrup from Justamere Tree Farm

Shaved Ice from Town Farm

Home-made Jam from Beaumont's Berries

Bedding Plants from Bear Root Herb Farm

Artisinal Cow Cheese from Cricket Creek Farm

Pasture-Raised Poultry from Mockingbird Farm

Honey Wine from Green River Ambrosia

Tempeh & Kim-chi from Hosta Hill

Wild Mushrooms from New England Wild Edibles

Black Currant Cordial from Bug Hill Farm

Hard Cider from Carr's Ciderhouse

Organic Ginger & Flowers from Old Friends Farm

Pastured Lamb from Leyden Glen Farm

Whole-Grain Bread from El Jardin Bakery

And the freshest vegetables available anywhere from Enterprise Farm, Crabapple Farm, Green Meadows Farm, Old Friends Farm, & Town Farm


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