This Week’s Newsletter

October 11: Carrie Ferguson Plays Tuesday Market
Posted 10/10/2011 6:50pm by Tuesday Market.

Hi Everyone –squash

Just a quick reminder that market is this Tuesday, and that Tuesday might feel like Monday this week, given the long weekend.

A splendid array of fall vegetables, meats, mushrooms, mead, apples, bread, flowers, and other good things. All for you, as usual.

Carrie Ferguson plays a set on what looks to be an incredibly beautiful day (here she is last year with some great friends). We can’t wait to see you at market!


October 4th: Tuesday Market Blurs Another Farmer
Posted 10/2/2011 10:57pm by Tuesday Market.

Hello Friends –nate

Broccoli, winter squash, young ginger, green beans, and sweet potatoes are our star vegetables of the week, but I don’t dare neglect to mention the celery, beets, carrots, cabbage, chard, kale, arugula, salad mix, turnips, herb bunches, radicchio, leeks, onions, collards, dandelion greens, potatoes – whew! – and just think of all the vegetables I’m forgetting, not to mention the apples, the cider, the meat, the eggs, the bread, the mushrooms, the flowers, the honey. . .

Nate Frigard is the newest member of that illustrious club of farmers pictured out-of-focus in this newsletter. Make sure to stop by and say Hi and check out the beautiful produce at Crimson & Clover’s stand. He’s not nearly as blurry in real life.

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Many people have been asking how long the market will go in the fall. The official answer is “until it’s dark and cold at 4:30 in the afternoon,” otherwise known asNovember 15th.

Karma is back this week with delicious prepared food and juices. Spencer Peterman wooden bowls will be back as well, weather permitting.

Peter Blanchette returns with another collection of perfect songs – uninterrupted this time – though last week’s brief interlude for omulu guanabara capoeira was truly great!


Bistro Les Gras will be back at market later this month. Between now and thenbistro, however, they’ll be hosting their 3rd annual Cochon Dinner on October 16th. A “nose to tail” dinner using every part of one of Mockingbird Farm’sdelicious pigs. An evening not to be missed!

Writer, chef, and food-justice advocate Mark Bittman has been on a roll lately in his New York Times’ columns. I totally recommend you check them out. Start here, if you like, with “Is Junk Food Really Cheaper?” or just check out his website which will send you in all sorts of interesting directions.

Here’s a favorite new quote from him: “Cooking changes lives in ways that eating never approaches. Cooking makes you care about nourishment, family meals, nutrition, pleasure, relaxation, skills, control, health, the environment, culture and the earth. And it leads your kids to care about these things too.”

Alright – See you at market!

dandelion greens

red onions